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Tilford Contact Info

Dory Quinn, Secretary
Tilford Group
218A Russ Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

Phone: 620-235-6584

First Meeting to establish the Tilford Group at PSU on April 27, 2007

Fall 2016-Spring 2017

September 2016

September 15 - October 15, 2016
Event: Hispanic Heritage Month

Julia Garcia Poster

September 20, 2016
Speaker: Julia Garcia (Hispanic Heritage Month event)
Garcia, who grew up in a divided home with grandparents who immigrated illegally to the U.S., saw firsthand the perceived limitations and barriers that those struggling to create a better life for themselves and their families face. In 2009, Garcia co-founded, a motivational speaking group that combines motivational speaking with the creative arts, such as theater and spoken-word poetry. At the age of 24, she published her first book, "Somewhere In Between."

October 2016

October 24-25, 2016
Event: 2016 Michael Tilford Conference on Diversity and Multiculturalism
The 2016 Tilford Conference on Diversity and Multiculturalism will be held on October 24-25, 2016 at Pittsburg State University. This year's Theme is "Cultivating Success: Why Belonging Matters." Keynote Speakers: Dr. Marche Fleming-Randle, Wichita State University and Dr. Terrell Lamont Strayhorn, Ohio State University.
(Conference Website | Program | Videos of Speakers and Performances)

November 2016

Event: Native American Heritage Month

every day is a good day

November (weekly event)
Event: Reading and Discussion Group
Planned is a reading and discussion group for Native American Heritage Month based on selections from an anthology of writings by contemporary indigenous women, called "Every Day is a Good Day". The group will meet once a week in November and members will volunteer to participate in a panel discussion following the screening for the film, The Cherokee Word for Water. Time and date to be announced.
Co-Sponsored by the Tilford Group, the English Club, the Student Alliance for Gender Equality (SAGE), and the Native American Students Association (NASA).

November 3, 2016
Event: Diversity Brown Bag
Do you have an opinion about the upcoming Presidential Election? Are your registered to vote? Are you wondering how to tell whether what you're hearing is fact or fiction? Do you want to be better informed before heading to the polls? Join us Thursday, November 3rd from 12-1:00 pm in the Sunflower Room of the Overman Student Center to talk about the issues!

Diversity Brown Bag

November 29, 2017
Event: Presentation of the film, The Cherokee Word for Water, an award-winning film inspired by the true story of the Bell Waterline Project in the Overman Student Center at 5 p.m. It tells the story of a rural Cherokee community's struggle against long odds to bring running water to their families by using the traditional concept of "gadugi," or working together to solve a problem. 
Co-Sponsored with the Tilford Group, the Student Alliance for Gender Equality (SAGE), and the Native American Student Association (NASA).

The Cherokee Word for Water

February 2017

Event: Black History Month

Black History Month Poster

February 2, 2017
Event: Gospel Explosion (Black History Month event)
Enjoy a night of Praise and worship as the Black Student Association kicks off Black History Month with our 2nd Annual Gospel Explosion! 

Gospel Explosion

February 6, 2017
Event: From the Streets to the Stage (Black History Month event)
A product of a one night stand, abused in foster home after foster home, and raised sleeping in parks were just a few of the daunting obstacles in Monti's journey from the streets to the stage. This is an interactive presentation, designed to help students gain the problem solving skills needed to be successful, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through crowd participation, story telling, and poetry, students will be engaged, encouraged, and empowered to make it from the streets of their minds, to the stage of their dreams.

Monti Washinton

February 9, 2017
Event: Diversity Brown Bag (Black History Month event)
The Office of Student Diversity and the Tilford Group will be hosting a Diversity Brown bag on Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the Meadowlark Room located in the Overman Student Center. Purchase your lunch in the student center and join us as we discuss Cross Cultural Communication. With our increasingly globalized society, communicating across cultures is something many of us do every day, yet we may not always recognize the underlying nuances that impact its effectiveness.

March 2017

Event: Women's History Month

March 14, 2017
Event: Diversity Brown Bag, "How to Conduct a Civil Debate"
Please join us Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the Meadowlark Room of the Overman Student Center for our monthly Tilford Brown Bag (grab lunch in the student center and join us). This month our featured guest will be Dr. Joey Pogue, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communications. He will lead us through a discussion on how to conduct a civil debate.

Conflict resolution can occur through second order change. When two people become willing enough to treat each other with unconditional, positive regard, it becomes possible for both parties to transition from one order plagued by power struggles and unresolved issues into a second order where parties affirm each others' existence, engage in empathy, and resolve differences in ways that honor both sides equally. Pogue's workshop will demonstrate this kind of second order change through the use of narrative. Besides shedding light on an innovative approach to conflict resolution, this workshop will also exemplify the use of narrative as a pedagogical tool geared toward understanding ethical dialogue within challenging contexts.

April 2017

April 11, 2017
Event: Interactive Presentation on Immigration
Dr. Marta Caminero-Santangelo, a professor of American Studies from KU, will give an interactive presentation called "Being Illegal" that addresses some misconceptions about undocumented immigration. Join us at 4 p.m. in room 115 of the Axe Library.

April 21, 2017
Speaker: Craig Wolfe
On April 21, 2017 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Governor's Room of the Overman Student Center, come listen as special guest Craig Wolfe presents "The Climate Emergency: The Case for Immediate Action". He demonstrates the seriousness of the climate emergency and provides actions we must take to fight the climate crisis. 
Actions for Individuals for Climate Emergency
The Big 3 Climate Crisis Strategies
The Climate Mobilization Crisis Fact Sheet
The Clipboard Home Energy Checklist
Craig Wolfe - The Climate Emergency

April 26, 2017
Event: Film, Audrie + Daisy
SVP and Sage will be hosting a screening of the film Audrie + Daisy, followed by a talkback session with some of the people featured in the documentary, which addresses sexual violence and it's impact on campuses, families, and rural communities.
Co-Sponsored by the Tilford Group, SVP, and SAGE.

Audrie + Daisy

May 2017

May 5, 2017
Event: Film, Girl Rising
Planned is a showing of the film, Girl Rising, which tells the stories of nine girls from different parts of the world who face arranged marriages, child slavery, and other heartbreaking injustices. Despite these obstacles, the brave girls offer hope and inspiration. By getting an education, they're able to break barriers and create change. Starts at 6 p.m. in the Governor's Room of the Overman Student Center.
Co-Sponsored by the Tilford Group and the Student Alliance for Gender Equality (SAGE). 

girl rising