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Regional accreditation is a campus-wide effort and individuals from all areas of the institution work hard to ensure that we maintain our Higher Learning Commission accreditation. The HLC Accreditation Committee consists of 11 members, representing a broad cross-section of the institution. The team is chaired by Dr. Jan Smith, Accreditation Liaison Officer.


Members of the HLC Accreditation Committee and the role they represent:

Jan Smith, Chair, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Kathy Benard, Administrative Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Committee Administrative Support)

Bruce Dallman, Dean, College of Technology (Academic Affairs - Academic Deans)

Don Judd, Professor, Department of English (Academic Affairs - Faculty)

Dai Li, Director, Institutional Research and Planning (Academic Affairs)

Lynn Murray, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and Management (Academic Affairs - Faculty)

Andrew Myers, Executive Director, Kansas Polymer Research Center (University Advancement)

Randy Roberts, Dean, Library Services (Academic Affairs-Non Academic Deans)

Melinda Roelfs, Director, Admission (Academic Affairs - EMSS)

Alice Sagehorn, Chair, Department of Teaching and Leadership (Academic Affairs - Chairs)

Lauren Werner, Assistant Director, Budget Office (Administration and Campus Life)