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The University Sustainability Committee meets monthly to develop and monitor the implementation of the institution's sustainability plan.  It is chaired by the Campus Sustainability Coordinator.  Other members of this committee include five faculty members (one from each college and one from Library Services), four department chairs, one dean, one member from Administration and Finance, one representative from Campus Life and Auxiliary Services, one representative from Enrollment Management and Student Success, the Director of Analysis, Planning and Assessment, one member from Advancement, one member from Intercollegiate Athletics, the Director of Facilities Planning, the Director of Building and Trades, the Director of Custodial and General Services, the Campus Environmental Officer and two students as well as others appointed by the President..  The Sustainability Committee submits a report to the University Strategic Planning Council on an annual basis (May 1st of each year), focusing sustainability planning activities for the previous year.

Contact Sustainability Committee Members

Brian Peery (Campus Sustainability Coordinator)
Jon Bartlow (Committee Co-Chair)
David Adams
Tom Amershek
Kathy Benard
Darren Botello-Samson
Steve Buckner
Becky Casey
Megan Corrigan
Jessica Criser
Christian Cruz
Bruce Dallman
Jake Devorak
Wanda Endicott
Quenton Holmes
Jim Hughes
Russ Jewett
Jeanine Kunshek
Delia Lister
Gwen Murdock
Shawn Naccarato
Jim Otter
Tonya Pentola
Shaun Priesgen
Randy Roberts
Alice Sagehorn
Dixie Smith
Paul Stewart
Jeff Stotts
Bob Susnik
Jim Triplett
Mary Kay Wachter