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Our Mission

The primary function of the Design Review Committee (DRC) is to support the goals and objectives of the Master Plan.  DRC representatives are appointed from the President's Office, Academic Affairs, Administration & Campus Life, University Advancement and the PSU Student Body.

All building projects, landscaping projects, major graphic projects, signage, and any project that visually affects the physical environment of the campus should be reviewed and recommended by the DRC to the Master Planning Committee for approval.  The DRC meets the third Wednesday of each month and needs to receive any requests for project reviews at least one week prior to the monthly meeting. 

Committee Members

Lindell Haverstic (chair), Facilities Planning, lhaverstic@pittstate.edu

Melinda Roelfs, Admission, maroelfs@pittstate.edu

Holly Page-Sagehorn, Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty, hjpage-sagehorn@pittstate.edu

Gerald Thomas, Building Trades and Landscape Maintenance, gthomas@pittstate.edu

Connie Malle, University Housing, cmalle@pittstate.edu

Kathleen Flannery, University Development, kflannery@pittstate.edu

Diane Hutchison, Marketing and Communication, dhutchison@pittstate.edu

Audrey Gilbreath, SGA Campus Affairs, sgacampusaffairsdirector@pittstate.edu


Commemorative Landscape Gifts Policy posted on University Development web page

DRC Charge, 07/11/2011