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Tornado Safety Tips

From the Kansas Division of Emergency Management and the National
Weather Service

Tornado Watch: Tornadoes and/or severe thunderstorms are possible over a wide area. Be Alert!

Tornado Warning: A tornado has been spotted or is shown by radar. Take cover now! A basement or underground shelter is best.

No basement? Go the the interior of the lowest floor - to a bathroom or closet. Stay away from windows. Get under something sturdy.

Mobile homes are not safe during strong winds and tornadoes. Go to a community shelter. A ditch or a culvert offers more protection than a mobile home.

Cars and other vehicles are not safe in a tornado. Seek indoor shelter if time permits. If you are in open country seek shelter in a culvert or ditch.

Office building, hotels, and malls. Find the designated shelter, the basement or center of the building on the lowest level. Stay away from large open rooms, windows, and upper stories.

In school. Follow emergency plans - go to a basement, restroom or hallway on the lowest floor. Avoid the ends of hallways that open to the outside. Avoid windows or outside walls. Stay out of auditoriums, gyms,or other areas with free-span rooms. Do not get on or stay on school buses in a tornado warning. School buildings offer more protection.

To learn more about tornadoes and prepare for severe weather season, contact the local emergency management office in your area, or the Kansas Division of Emergency Management at (785)274-1409.