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Parking Appeals Information and Form

After reading and filling out this form, go to the print menu under the file option and print out the form. Bring the form and your fee to the University Parking Services Office in Shirk Hall.

An appeals committee composed of faculty, staff and students meet to hear appeals on parking citations. The meetings are held periodically in the Student Center. The time and location of the meetings are posted on the Student Center bulletin board.

Persons receiving a parking ticket who wish to appeal should immediately take the ticket to the Parking Services Office to complete an appeals form. Parking fines shall be paid at the time of the written appeal along with an appeal fee of $2.00 per citation. If the fine is refunded, the appeal fee will also be refunded. Failure to appeal within 14 days from the date of issuance of the citation shall constitute a waiver of appeal.

Completed appeals forms will be transferred by the Parking Services Office to the Parking Violations Appeals Board Chairperson prior to the meeting. Once a decision is rendered on appeals, letters are mailed to the appellants informing them of the board's ruling. All appeal decisions are final. Appellants may, but are not required to, appear personally at board meetings. An appeal that has been denied may be appealed for a second time only if new evidence is submitted. Refund checks for all accepted appeals will be automatically mailed to the appellant.

Date of Appeal Citation Number Amount Paid

Name of Appellant P.S.U. ID Number

Local Address City/State Zip

Parent/Guardian Address City/State Zip

Reason for Appeal