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1. All parking areas controlled by the University require a permit.

2. Permits should be properly displayed as per the instructions on the permit.

3. Loading zones should be used for the purpose of loading and unloading of equipment.

4. Visitor zones are for use by visitors only.

5. Vehicles should be properly parked within designated spaces.

6. If you forget your permit, a temporary permit may be purchased for $1.00 per day.

7. Please observe the rights of the handicapped. Avoid handicapped parking areas.

8. Remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks.


The board of regents has the authority to adopt traffic and parking regulations for Pittsburg State University under KSA-4-32-11 and KSA-76-712. The University will establish limited access areas, create toll lots and designate by appropriate signs or curb markings such areas upon the roads, streets, driveways and parking facilities of the campus as may be used for "reserved parking," "no-parking," "general parking," "student parking," "faculty parking," "loading zones," or other restrictions deemed necessary to the best and safest use of such roads, streets, driveways, and parking facilities. Certain parking lots, campus streets, and areas may be reserved during Pittsburg State University events and by special request for other events when such special request is approved by the chief executive officer or his/her designee. During the times that certain parking lots, campus streets, and areas are reserved, parking in the certain reserved parking lots, campus streets, and areas will be restricted for whom the reservation is made.


All campus parking shall be restricted to vehicles with permits which authorize parking in a specific area. Application may be made for a parking permit at the University Police and Parking Services Office. Faculty / Staff shall be charged a fee for the issuance of their parking permit. Parking fees for students (graduate students included) are included in student fees. Permits shall be good for the duration of the school year for which they are issued or for a lesser period of time if so designated.

The parking permit shall be displayed on the inside lower left corner of your windshield (driver's side). This permit can be repositioned or moved from one vehicle to another at your convenience.

The person to whom a permit was issued shall be presumed to be responsible for all violations of University traffic and parking regulations identified with that permit, unless such presumption is overcome during the course of an appeal filed in accordance with Section X, Parking Appeals or an appeal otherwise provided by law.

Proof of address may be requested prior to the issuance of parking permits.

The University maintains various types of parking zones. These zones have been designated by the Parking Committee to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. A parking permit does not imply or guarantee parking space at any particular time, and parking privileges may be modified or preempted by authority of the University.

Permits for controlled parking areas are available on the basis of priorities established by the Parking Committee. The Parking Committee has the right to alter or revoke permit assignments as the needs of the individual or the University community change.

The University assumes no responsibility for security of vehicles or theft of contents while moving or parking in any area subject to University jurisdiction. Parking permits may be issued for the following reasons:

Physically Handicapped

Students, faculty and staff with permanent or temporary health disabilities that impair their mobility may receive special parking privileges. Spaces are available for those persons that qualify. Applications may be obtained from either the University Police and Parking Services or the Student Health Center. The applicant must be able to present the necessary recommendations from their family physician. All students with a current handicapped parking certification from any state need to contact University Police and Parking Services with their registration information. Only vehicles with special permit designated "handicapped" are allowed to park in spaces marked for the handicapped. Students who qualify for a temporary disability permit may purchase a blue zone permit for the period of temporary disability.

Service Permits

Persons, firms or corporations coming regularly or frequently on the campus of Pittsburg State University in commercial vehicles or trucks for business purposes may be granted permits for parking in areas on campus roads, streets, driveways or parking facilities designated by signs or curb markings as loading zones. Application for such loading zone permits shall be made to the University Police and Parking Services Office. The name of the person or employee who will usually operate such commercial vehicle or truck shall be registered in that office.

Temporary Permits

If you forget your hang tag permit, this permit authorizes the holder to park in a specified zone for $1.00 per day.

Loading Zone Areas

Timed loading zones are located throughout the campus and should be used for loading and unloading only.

Motorcycle Parking Areas

A current motorcycle registration will allow parking in any of the authorized motorcycle parking areas day or night. Parking cycles in areas other than those designated for cycle parking will constitute a violation. Motorcycle permits shall be displayed on the front fork of the bike in clear view.

Parking Permits, Other

Parking Permits may be issued for reasons other than those set out in these regulations. These exceptions will be determined by the chief executive officer of the University or his/her authorized representative.

Kansas Board of Regents Parking Permit

This permit is issued to members of the Kansas Board of Regents and its staff and will be honored at all Regents institutions when the vehicle is parked in a legal parking stall.

Permit Fees (New Rates Effective Fall 2016)

Student parking costs are included in student fees. Students are charged a parking fee of $4.80 per credit hour for part-time enrollment or $43.00 per semester for full-time enrollment. Permits shall be good for the duration of the school year for which it is issued or for a lesser period of time if so designated. 

The following permit fees shall be charged to Faculty/Staff:

Academic Year Spring Semester* Summer Session*
Blue Zone $ 100.00 $ 66.00 $ 33.00
Red Zone $140.00 $ 92.00 $ 46.00
Gold Zone $181.00 $ 118.00 $ 59.00
Brown Zone $ 76.00 $ 50.00 $ 25.00
Orange Zone $ 76.00 $ 50.00 $ 25.00
Motorcycle Permits $ 76.00 $ 50.00 $ 25.00

* Includes Summer Session

Students, faculty and staff must meet guidelines set up by the Parking Committee to purchase parking permits.

False information given on a permit application shall be considered grounds for permit cancellation and forfeiture of the fee.

The University shall not be responsible for a lost or stolen permit.  Replacement permits can be secured only by purchasing a new permit at full fee.

Parking Permit Priorities and Use

Availability of permits for each zone shall be on the basis of priorities established by the Parking Committee. Permits for Blue and Gold zones shall be available to students, faculty and staff on the basis of priorities established by the Parking Committee. Brown zone parking shall be available generally to students, faculty and staff. Orange zone parking is specifically for residents of Bowen, Trout, Tanner, Nation, Dellinger and Crimson Commons. Red zone permits shall be issued on the basis of priorities established by the Parking Committee. Blue zone permits are valid in the Blue and Brown zones. Red zone permits are issued for one specified Red zone area and are not valid in other Red zones. Red permits are also valid in the Brown zone. Gold zone permits are valid in the Gold and Brown zones. Orange permits are valid in the Orange and Brown zones.


Parking for official visitors and guests on the campus is provided in a visitor zone located directly behind the Leonard H. Axe Library, as well as, other areas on campus. Visitors may request a "Visitor" parking pass when they are going to be on campus for more than one day (such as parents visiting students, etc.). Visitors to the campus will not be charged for a parking violation when they have established their reason for being on campus and have returned their parking violation notice to the University Police and Parking Services Office.


Parking regulations go into effect the first day of classes each semester, summer session, short course, seminar, or workshop. Zone parking restrictions shall be in force Monday through Friday in zones Blue and Brown from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,vacation periods excluded. Regulations shall be in effect twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week for the following: Red zones, Orange zone, Gold lot, service zones, sidewalks, visitor zones, state car zones, and all yellow zones, crosswalks, fire lanes, loading zones, and handicapped parking spaces.

Signs are posted at the entrance of each parking area giving the designation, hours during which the area is controlled, and, if the area is color coded, the zone color. During hours when an area is controlled, parking is restricted to vehicles with permits which authorize parking in that area.


No motor vehicle, whether privately or publicly owned, shall be parked on the roads, streets, driveways, or parking facilities unless said vehicle shall have plainly displayed thereon a current parking permit issued by the Office of the Kansas Board of Regents or by Pittsburg State University. Exceptions to this regulation apply to visitor's vehicles parked in sections marked as visitor sections and to commercial vehicles parked in marked loading zone areas.

State owned and public service vehicles are not required to obtain or display parking permits.

Double parking, parking on pedestrian walks, parking across drive entrances, parking in fire-hydrant zones, parking on the traffic lanes of any road, street or driveway of the campus or parking in any area not authorized by the type of parking permit so held shall be prohibited.

Failure to park within designated parking space, failure to park within twelve (12) inches of the curb, parking in yellow or otherwise marked no parking zones, and parking in excess of posted time limits shall constitute separate violations. One-way directional signs shall be obeyed.


All motor vehicles operated on the roads, streets, driveways or parking facilities of Pittsburg State University shall be operated in accordance with directions of any signs or curb markings indicating "stop," "yield right-of-way," "slow," "no turn," "no left turn," "no U turn," or any other such direction, sign or marking deemed necessary by Pittsburg State University.

A pedestrian crossing the campus roads, streets or driveways in any marked crosswalk or at any intersection corner shall have the right-of-way. Any standard electrical traffic control signals or stop signs may be used in lieu of printed stop signs at the discretion of the chief administrative officer of Pittsburg State University or his/her duly authorized representative(s). Where any electric traffic signal is used, pedestrians shall cross streets only with the green lights. No motor vehicles including motor scooters, motorcycles or motor bicycles or any bicycles shall be operated upon any sidewalk or pedestrian walk on the campus.

The speed limit for all motor vehicles, whether privately or publicly owned, on any road, street, driveway, or parking facility at Pittsburg State University shall be twenty (20) miles per hour. A lesser speed limit may be established in particular areas of the roads, streets, driveways or parking facilities of the campus by the posting of signs indicating such lesser speed, in which case the speed limit shall be as marked. Speed may be checked by radar.

Driving shall be suited to the existing weather and pedestrian conditions. In the event of an accident, the University Police and Parking Services Office shall be notified immediately.

The provisions of the State Highway Traffic Code, contained in K.S.A. 8, relating to the operation or condition of motor vehicles, shall be applicable to the operation or condition of motor vehicles operated on the roads, streets, driveways and parking facilities of Pittsburg State University.

All moving violations are to be subject to the statutes of the State of Kansas and the ordinances of the City of Pittsburg by consent of the Board of Regents. Violators are subject to issuance of a summons to appear in the District Court of Crawford County, Kansas or the Municipal Court of Pittsburg, Kansas.


At no time shall a moped be operated on the sidewalks or lawns of Pittsburg State University. Mopeds are subject to all traffic laws applying to motor vehicles. By definition "moped" means every device having two tandem wheels which may be propelled by either human power or helper motor, or by both, and which has a motor that produces not more than one and one-half brake horse-power; a cylinder capacity of not more than fifty cubic centimeters; automatic transmission; and, the capability of a maximum design speed of no more than twenty-five miles per hour.

Bicycles are not to be ridden on grass areas. They shall not be parked in any part of a building nor shall they be secured to trees, shrubs, posts, poles, or railings. Pittsburg State University shall be empowered to impound or have removed at owner's expense any bicycle which is illegally parked. Bicycles shall be parked in bicycle racks, or the immediate area thereof, if the racks are full.


Normally, violations for a continuing infraction shall be issued in the following manner: (a) one violation in the morning, (b) second violation in the afternoon of the same day, (c) violations of the loading zones at the discretion of the officer, (d) vehicles whose parking violations constitute a serious traffic hazard or threat to safety and/or who receive more than five (5) tickets for such violations shall be subject to being towed away. Owners of cars which have received an excessive number of less serious parking tickets shall be notified by University Police and Parking Services that further violations shall result in the car being towed away.

Motor vehicles parked in violation of any regulation of Pittsburg State University relating to parking may be removed from the roads, streets, driveways, or parking facilities of the University. Towing will be done by private persons/firms engaged in such business. The operator or owner of the vehicle will be responsible directly to the towing firm for the towing charge. On campus vehicles which are abandoned or which bear improper or no identification shall be subject to removal by towing and to impoundment. The University reserves the right to remove and impound vehicles after unsuccessfully attempting to contact owners where five unauthorized parking tickets have been accumulated.


Fines will be imposed for all parking violations and the amount due will appear on the parking citation. Failure to pay a violation by the tenth (10th) day after issuance shall result in a $5.00 penalty. A wheel-lock (boot) fee of $25.00 will be charged where it has been necessary to use this device for flagrant violators who do not respond to citations. Such fees shall be paid at the University Police and Parking Services Office, Shirk Hall.


Traffic and parking violation charges are as follows:

Timed Zones $ 15.00
No Permit $ 20.00
Wrong Zone $ 20.00
Unauthorized Parking $ 20.00
Parking On Grass/Sidewalk $ 30.00
Fire Lane $ 30.00
Yellow Zones $ 30.00
Handicapped Zone $ 100.00
Tampering or Misuse $ 75.00


Payment of violation fees must be received or postmarked by 4:00 p.m. on the tenth day after issuance of a violation. Tickets must be presented at the time of payment. Violations may be paid in person or dropped in the various collection boxes on campus. Parking Services Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Checks shall be made payable to Pittsburg State University. When coins are used to pay violation fees, they must be wrapped in appropriate coin wrappers. The University has adopted the following practices concerning outstanding obligations to the University:

The student will not be permitted to enroll for the beginning of a new semester if he/she has an outstanding obligation due the University.

A "Hold" will be placed on the permanent record of any student who has an outstanding obligation to the University. These Holds are placed during a semester and are not removed until the financial obligation is paid. The student with a Hold placed on his permanent record cannot have his transcript sent to any other school or place of employment. Kansas Statutes Annotated 1980 Supplement 76-741 authorized and the Board of Regents' policy requires each of the Regents' universities to withhold payroll warrants or other warrants issued to any employee until the payment is made of all fines, fees and penalties owed by the employee. Amounts owed to the University may, instead, be deducted from warrants payable to the employee. Either procedure is applicable to classified and unclassified employees at Pittsburg State University.


Appeals from a charge of misuse of parking areas by any student, faculty or staff may be determined by a hearing before the Parking Violation Appeals Board.

An Appeals Board composed of faculty and students shall meet to hear appeals on parking citations. The meetings are held periodically in the Student Center. The time and location of the meetings are posted on the Student Center bulletin board.

Persons receiving a parking ticket who wish to appeal should immediately take the ticket to the University Police and Parking Services Office to complete a parking violation appeals form. Parking fines shall be paid at the time of the written appeal. Failure to appeal within 14 days from the date of issuance of the citation shall constitute a waiver of right to appeal. An appeal fee of $2.00 per citation will be charged. If the fine is refunded, the appeal fee will also be refunded. Completed appeal forms will be transferred by the University Police and Parking Services Office to the Parking Violation Appeals Board chairperson prior to the meeting. Once a decision is rendered on appeals, letters are mailed to the appellants informing them of the Board's ruling. The ruling of the Board is final. An appeal that has been denied can be appealed for a second time only if new evidence is submitted. Appellants may, but are not required to, appear personally at the Board meetings. Refund checks for all accepted appeals will be automatically mailed to the appellant.  Any student having unpaid misuse of parking area fees shall not be permitted to re-enroll, to be graduated, or to transfer records. See Section IX.


Penalties for parking violations and fees charged for parking permits shall be deposited with the State Treasurer in a separate account to be known as the Pittsburg State University Parking Fee Account. Money in this account may be used by the University in accordance with the provisions of and for the purposes set out in K.S.A. 74-3213.