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Crime Prevention

The university is a community which consists of approximately 7,000 students, faculty and staff, who interact on a daily basis. As in virtually all communities, public safety, crime and the loss of property are daily problems.

The University Police Department is responsible for the safety and security of the university community. This task is one which we cannot accomplish alone. Crime prevention and security awareness are self-serving responsibilities. We need the assistance and cooperation of every student, faculty and staff member. As a resident of the University, you have a special relationship with the institution. As a property owner, you have a monetary interest to protect. We encourage you to join us to help stop crime.

The Pittsburg State University Police Department sponsors a program six times per school year and twice in the summer session on how to participate in a crime prevention program. Scheduled and unscheduled security surveys are conducted with the goal of providing recommendations for improvement in lighting needs, landscaping and procedural changes.

The main goal is to prevent crime before it happens using the following general areas:

1. Auto Safety - theft prevention and security

2. Bicycle Security - safety and security measures

3. Key Control - room and building security

4. Operation Identification - property engraving/recording

5. Crime Awareness Programs - prevent becoming a victim

The Pittsburg State University Police Department sponsors a program on how to be responsible for your security, as well as the security of others. These programs are presented six times per school year and twice in the summer session, as well as for international student orientation and residence hall staff orientation. Programs are also presented upon request.

These general areas are the topics covered:

1. What To Do If You Are The Victim Of A Crime

2. Personal Safety - on and off campus

3. How To Secure Your Property

4. Fire Alarms - evacuation and safety

5. Timely Notification of Appropriate Staff

The Department actively participates in student programs on alcohol awareness, sexual assault awareness and campus safety. University Police Officers serve on university committees in these areas.