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Bike Patrol

In July 1992, the Pittsburg State University Police Department responded to this challenge with the Police Mountain Bicycle Patrol. Pittsburg State University Police started with two Police Bicycle Patrol Officers and one bicycle. The Bicycle Patrol has grown to include several members. Membership represents the entire rank structure of the University Police Department.  All members of the bicycle patrol have completed schooling to become certified police cyclists.  All members have received 40 hours training on police mountain bicycle patrol tactics. Membership in the Bicycle Patrol is voluntary, coming from the ranks of the University Police commissioned staff. Bicycle Patrol Officers treat their membership on the Bicycle Patrol as an honor and a privilege. Bicycle Patrol Officers are recruited for their ability to meet with the public, answer questions, and must have a proven record of interdiction into criminal activity. While on Police Bicycle Patrol, officers have made arrests for burglary, DUI, theft, and narcotics violations. Bicycle Patrol Officers have also been present numerous times at the beginning of a disturbance or altercation, and have quelled the problem before it became necessary for an arrest. The Bicycle Patrol routinely patrols areas not readily accessible to motor vehicles such as the oval, grassy areas, and special events with congestion of people or motor vehicles. The Bicycle Patrol is often the eyes and ears of the University Police Department, seeing or hearing problems requiring Police interdiction and subsequently requesting University Police motor units, or the Pittsburg City Police. The Bicycle Patrol looks forward to learning ways it can better serve the students and faculty that make Pittsburg State University the outstanding institution it is. For questions or comments please contact the Pittsburg State University Police Department at 620-235-4624.