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Contact Info.

Physical Plant
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7505
Phone: 620-235-4779
FAX: 620-235-4227


The Physical Plant Storeroom stocks and maintains a perpetual inventory of equipment, materials, and supplies required for all building, grounds and custodial maintenance performed by Physical Plant personnel.  Storeroom employees are responsible for maintaining necessary inventory levels, as well as, ordering and inspecting stock.

Freight, UPS, Federal Express and all other express delivery services are delivered to the Storeroom on a daily basis.  Storeroom employees log all packages and freight and prepare them for campus distribution by the General Services department.  While efforts are made to assist with the placement of campus freight orders, unfortunately, the Storeroom does not have enough space to store freight for campus departments at the physical plant.  Please consider the size and shipping times of orders prior to placement.  This is particularly important when ordering large shipments of furniture.

The storeroom also assists campus departments with any product ordering.  If you need the Storeroom to order a product for you, please submit an online "General Work Order" request located on GUS.  Please include all account information on these work orders.  If you need assistance with product ordering, please contact Tonya Pentola at extension 4780.