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Contact Info.

Physical Plant
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7505
Phone: 620-235-4779
FAX: 620-235-4227


The refrigeration and air conditioning department is comprised of six trained technicians who operate, maintain, and repair over 1000 pieces of HVAC/R equipment across campus.  Technicians are certified, as required, with the Environmental Protection Agency in regard to safe and proper handling of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).

Among the equipment maintained, are 17 chillers with a cooling capacity in excess of 3,500 tons.  Water from these chillers is cooled to approximately 42º and pumped through a  network of piping, to more than 85 central station air handling units and hundreds of individual fan coil units.  From there, conditioned air is distributed to classrooms and offices.  Eight of these chillers are water cooled employing the use of seven cooling towers.  Water is pumped through the chiller's condenser which absorbs heat and is then pumped outside the building and through the cooling tower.  Evaporation lowers the temperature of that water approximately 10º, and is then returned to the chiller to start the process over again.  This condenser water is treated with scale inhibitors and biocides to maintain an efficiently operating system.


Air handling units are serviced on a regular basis according to a preventive maintenance schedule.  During this process, bearings are lubricated, drive belts are replaced and more then 2,600 filters are replaced each year.


Additionally, the HVAC/R department is responsible for maintaining the following:

  • 240 split-system or package rooftop air conditioners and heat pumps.

  • 130 window air conditioners or package terminal air conditioners.

  • Approximately 55 gas-fired furnaces.

  • Nearly 400 fan-powered variable air volume terminals.

  • 70 Chilled or condenser water circulating pumps.

  • More than 100 refrigerated drinking fountains.

  • Numerous laboratory fume hoods.

  • Numberous exhaust and ventilation fans.

  • Nearly 20 ice machines.

  • More than 100 refrigerators and freezers (including walk-ins, reach-ins and prep tables).

  • Approximately 25 air compressors.

  • Hundreds of other heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration items.


All requests for HVAC/R services must be submitted using the "General Work Order" system located on GUS.  If you have an emergency situation, please contact David Pentola at extension 4782 or the Front Office at extension 4779 and follow up with the submission of the "General Work Order" form.