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Physical Plant
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7505
Phone: 620-235-4779
FAX: 620-235-4227


General Services' employees are responsible for the delivery of UPS, Federal Express and all other express delivery packages shipped to the University.  Delivery of packages is performed on a daily basis beginning at 12:30 PM and are delivered to the designated drop location in each building.  Unfortunately, due to varying mail quantities and job duties, it is not possible to provide a set delivery time for each building.  Below is a listing of the drop locations in each building.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances that will not allow for the delivery of the daily mail, the packages will be held until the next day.

The General Services department also delivers all University freight that is delivered to the Storeroom.  Every attempt is made to deliver the freight as soon as possible following arrival; however, during very busy times, delivery may be delayed until time-sensitive work has been completed.  If it is necessary that freight be delivered within a certain time frame, please contact Tonya Pentola in the Storeroom at ext. 4780.

Additional responsibilities of the General Services' staff include assisting with set up and retrieval of equipment for various special events on campus, as well as, delivering and retrieving all folding tables and chairs requested for these various activities and events.

Currently the University has 100 folding tables and 500 folding chairs which are available for use for campus events and activities.  These tables and chairs are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Therefore, it is important that you submit your requests as far in advance as possible to ensure reservation of the number of tables and/or chairs that are needed.

This department is also responsible for all requests for movement of furniture, equipment, file cabinets, musical equipment, etc. on campus.  General Services staff will try to accommodate all requests for moves and deliveries as long as it is reasonable, safe  and within our ability.  The expense of professional assistance brought in due to the inability of the General Services staff to perform the move, will be charged to the requesting department.  Any requested moves that may present possible safety hazards to employees will be denied.

All requests for services, including requests for tables and chairs, must be submitted using the online Physical Plant "General Work Order" system located on GUS.  All work orders are scheduled in the order in which they are received.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests.  During busy periods, it is possible that a work request may not be possible due to previously-scheduled work; therefore, it is best to submit your work orders as soon as possible to ensure that scheduling is possible during the time frame needed.

Please see the "Policies and Procedures" section for more information regarding the distribution and use of Physical Plant furnishings.