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Contact Info.

Physical Plant
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7505
Phone: 620-235-4779
FAX: 620-235-4227


The Physical Plant is responsible for custodial services in all campus buildings except the Overman Student Center and the Wilkinson Alumni Center.  Most custodial work is occupied areas is performed between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Floor areas swept, wastebaskets emptied, chalkboards cleaned, chairs arranged, restrooms cleaned and other tasks performed on a daily basis.

A daily shift is assigned to each building.  Work during hours when classes are held is coordinated to minimize interference with school activities.  Offices are usually cleaned by the day shift between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM or by the night shift after 4:30 PM.  Custodians can be called to perform custodial tasks generally during daily activities.  This activity is directed by the Custodial Manager, whose office is located in the Physical Plant building.



  • Clean restrooms and replenish supplies; dust and clean offices, classrooms, conference rooms, laboratories and elevators; polish furniture.

  • Vacuum carpets; dry mop and wet mop floors; strip, wax and polish floors; shampoo carpets.

  • Collect and remove waste; sweep steps and sidewalks.

  • Clean light fixtures; change light bulbs; clean drinking fountains.

  • Clean windows and glass doors; clean blinds; wash walls.

  • Report needed maintenance and repair items to supervisors; request supplies; lock and unlock buildings, offices and rooms; move furniture as needed for cleaning purposes.

  • Request and store cleaning materials and supplies; keep storage closets and custodial rooms in order.

  • Perform related work as requested.


  • Where the surface is appropriate, (wood, tile, concrete, etc.) floors are scrubbed, sealed as required and waxed once or twice a year.  Additional waxing or finishing is provided if needed whenever such service can be worked into the schedule.


  • The security of all campus buildings, offices and equipment is an important part of the custodial service.  The objective of this department is to assist with building security through key control.

  • Each building is opened and closed according to a rearranged schedule.  As a rule, only the outside doors and selected classrooms are opened by Physical Plant employees, and it is the responsibility of the departments to open their own offices and laboratories.

  • The evening shift is responsible for locking or securing buildings.  Keys are assigned to custodians by their supervisor.  It is the custodian's responsibility to see that the keys are not lost or stolen.  All keys are checked in at the Physical Plant at the end of each shift and  picked up again at the beginning of the next shift.  Keys are not loaned.


  • Emptying wastebaskets, sweeping floors and removal of material which is obviously trash is the responsibility of the Physical Plant and is done by the custodial crew.

The trash is taken to pickup points where it is removed from campus by contracted trash services.


  • Cleaning of football stadium.

  • Setting up, working and tearing down for many campus events, ie. Commencement and ball games.


  • Move heavy furniture.

  • Any major moving of furniture.

  • Run errands.

  • Perform personal service.

  • Watch laboratory equipment (turn off equipment, etc.).

  • Collect mail from offices.

  • Loan keys to anyone.

  • Answer telephones.

Please contact the Director of Custodial and General Services for special requests.