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Contact Info.

Physical Plant
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7505
Phone: 620-235-4779
FAX: 620-235-4227


The Carpentry department at Pittsburg State University is staffed by craftsmen with many years of experience that provides a wide variety of services.  The services include, but are not limited to, cabinetmaking, carpentry, glazing, locksmithing, masonry, roofing and many other tasks that are required to insure the maintenance and operation of Pittsburg State University. We work closely with the other Physical Plant departments, Facilities Planning as well as the individual University Departments that we serve.

To request services from the Carpentry department, please secure approval from your Department and fill out a "General Work Order" request on the GUS system.  If it is an emergency situation, please call the Carpentry office at extension 4783 or the main Physical Plant Office at extension 4777 and follow the call with the submission of a work order request.  We can provide an estimate if requested after submission of a work order on projects approved for use on the academic campus.  Renovation projects, structural changes and large scale projects must also secure approval from Facilities Planning, the Master Planning Committee,  and the Director of Building Trades and Landscape Maintenance. We cannot provide services for private or non-university related use.

The cabinet shop designs, builds, installs and maintains custom cabinets, office furnishings, classroom fixtures, storage units, restores furniture and maintains our shop equipment and inventory. Other items such as picture frames, plaques, display cases and other specialized wood projects are constructed by the cabinet shop.

Locksmithing services are provided by the Carpentry department.  Services provided include key duplication, repair or replacement of office/classroom furnishing locks, removal of padlocks on lockers as well as other professional locksmith services and the repair and maintenance of approximately 3,000 locks on the Best Master Key system on the Academic Campus.  However, we do not provide car opening services.

The list of work performed by the Carpentry department ranges from small tasks such as hanging pictures to major construction projects such as the baseball / softball fields and the renovation of the Crimson Village Complex.  Some of the many services provided by the Carpentry department are; the installation of bulletin boards, white boards, signage, projection screens and other classroom equipment; the repair and assembly of office and classroom furniture; installation and repair of suspended ceiling systems; repair and installation of flooring and related accessories; general carpentry, construction and renovation projects: masonry duties such as repair and replacement of concrete paving and curbs, minor tuck pointing, the setting of stone, block and brick work; replacement of broken glass and window repair; installation of window coverings and blinds; minor roof repair and maintenance; and other duties that are required for the smooth operation of the campus.  If you have a question about the services the Carpentry department provides contact Mark Barnes at extension 4783 for assistance.



Pittsburg State University utilizes the Best Master Key System so that Academic areas are available for emergency service and response by Physical Plant and University Police and Parking Services.  All locks on Academic buildings must be utilizing the Best Lock System.  Padlocks and non-system locks are prohibited on campus doors and all locks must comply with the Life Safety Code.

All requests for Best keys must be approved by the Department Chair and the Director of Building Trades and Landscape Maintenance. Selected keys may require the approval of your Dean or Director.  Please route all key requests through your departmental office using the "General Work Order" request system located on GUS system.  Also, please use this same procedure when requesting a core change for door lock.

If a key is lost or stolen please notify your supervisor (or other designated person per your departmental policy) immediately,as well as, the Carpentry department and University Police and Parking Services. The department is responsible for the cost of restoring security when keys are lost or stolen.