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MACE has delegated the operations of the Uniform Resources Name (URN) namespace to Pittsburg State University. This namespace supports the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to PSU-specific directory-related resources of various kinds.

Questions about registrations under, including suggestions for new registrations, should be directed to

For additional information, see:

  • Internet2/MACE Uniform Resource Name (URN) registry homepage.
  • RFC 3613 defines the urn:mace namespace and describes the procedures and policies governing its use.

Registrations in the namespace

The following registrations are registered in the namespace:

  • dir ( - The attribute registry defines URNs for local directory attribute definitions. In general these are direct mappings of attribute types as used in the local schema definitions for our enterprise (LDAP) directory.
  • entl ( - The entl registry defines URNs for entitlements to PSU resources
    • angel - Access to the ANGEL LMS
    • bomgar - Access to the Bomgar remote support appliance
    • cacti - Access to PSU's cacti server
    • cms - Access to the dotCMS content management system
    • googleapps_gus - Access to Google Apps for the domain
    • health - Access to the systems for students/employees which are health services entitled
    • imaging - Access to the ImageNow imaging system
    • vpn - Access to the PSU VPN system
    • wiki - Access to the PSU wiki servers
    • xythos - Access to PSU's Xythos system
    • zimbra - Access to the Zimbra Collaboration Suite