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PSU Unified Password

The PSU Unified Password automatically shares a single password among different connected systems. This process helps reduce the number of passwords you have to remember by allowing you to choose one very strong password and use it on multiple systems.  When you change your password in GUS, it will automatically be set as the password for many university services.  See list.

Password Tips:

  • Avoid the use of personal identifiable information (names of family or pets, nicknames, birthdates, etc.)
  • Avoid words that can be found in the dictionary.
  • The longer the better.
  • Create a "pass phrase" - take a sentence/phrase and turn it into a password by replacing the letters with digits, upper and lower case letters and special characters.
    • I only eat peanut butter on Mondays = IoePB0nM!
    • I love rock and roll = IL0veRoc&R0!!

Password Tips and Strength Tester from Microsoft

* When testing any password strength tester, don't use your real passwords to test with!  Instead use passwords that are similar. 
Always use caution when entering your password on any site.

PSU Unified Password


Additional Password Tips