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Policies and Procedures
University Support Staff Employees
Staff Development, Recognition & Training Policy
(updated 06/08/2014)

Pittsburg State University recognizes the desirability and necessity to provide opportunities for university support staff employees to broaden their knowledge and skills both in the interest of achieving and maintaining a performance-oriented work environment and in accomplishing employee self-development goals. Toward this end, the University has established the Staff Development, Recognition & Training Program, which has the full support and encouragement of the University administration. The goals and objectives of the program are:

  • To assist employees in accomplishing self-development goals.
  • To provide an overview of the University environment and the role of the employee in this setting.
  • To develop from current theories of organizational communication an employable model to improve communications at Pittsburg State University.
  • To develop a sense of awareness of organizational responsibilities and employee expectations in the day to day work environment.
  • To develop a modified environment in which morale is uplifted to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness of services provided.

Training Programs

The Staff Development, Recognition & Training Program is a priority of the University, and is conducted to the maximum extent possible within resources available both inside and outside the University. The Program is administered by Human Resource Services (HRS) and includes the following:

  • All development/orientation training sessions scheduled by Human Resource Services or Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.
  • All training sessions given by University departments at the request of HRS. All training made available to employees of the University from outside sources, such as the Division of Personnel, other state agencies, the federal government, or private industry.
  • All training sessions given by the Task Force for Staff Development, Recognition and Training.


Any university support staff employee of the University is eligible to attend programs presented by PSU offices or the Task Force. Attendance at programs presented by outside sources may be limited to employees meeting established criteria; however, all employees who meet the criteria may attend.

Attendance at training conducted during an employee's normal working hours will be subject to approval of the supervisor. Programs will generally be offered more than once so employees and supervisors can make necessary work schedule changes.

    If a program is mandatory for an identified group of employees, supervisors will permit employees to attend.

      Leave With Pay & Expenses

      Leave with pay may be authorized for attendance at work-related training or programs when in the judgment of the supervisor the attendance will be of benefit to the state.

      Payment of tuition/education training expenses of employees may be authorized under two conditions:

      • When the training involved is considered as required in order for the employee to perform the duties expected for the position to which he or she is assigned; and
      • When the agency or department involved has the funds available.

      Tuition Assistance Programs