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Policies & Procedures
University Support Staff Employees
Shift Differential
(Non-Exempt Employees)
(updated 05/05/2017)

General Information

Shift differential is only paid to university support staff employees in non-exempt positions (positions that are eligible for overtime compensation). University support staff employees in exempt positions (positions that are not eligible for overtime compensation) are not eligible for shift differential. Shift differential pay is currently thirty cents (0.30) per hour.

Shift differential is paid for the total hours worked on a regular work schedule when the regularly scheduled hours begin before 6:00 a.m. or end after 5:59 p.m. An employee is not eligible for shift differential pay if they occasionally start work before or end work after these times.

Shift differential is paid only on hours worked during the employee's regular work schedule. It is not paid on leave taken (i.e. holiday credit, vacation or sick leave, compensatory time used, etc.) or when the employee works unscheduled hours before or after a normal day shift.