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Policies and Procedures
Safety Policy
(updated 06/08/2014)

It is the policy of Pittsburg State University to administer its programs and services so that all university support staff personnel, unclassified personnel and students work in safe, healthful conditions, which are free from accident. In addition to recognizing the value of human life, the policy places a high value on efficiency and economy; thus, the University administration, employees and students have a continuous duty to prevent needless waste of both human and physical resources of the University.

The policy of the University is both humanitarian and practical. It safeguards and conserves manpower. It reduces the cost of injuries and eliminates the waste of materials. It is a basic element in sound and prudent management. Progress achieved by many Departments in the University in the prevention of accidents is recognized. Much still remains to be done. Recognizing the need and responsibility for the safety of the employees and students, accident prevention is considered an important and integral part of educational programs, as well as efficient operation of the University.

Safety will be given primary importance in planning and operating all phases of the University in order to protect employees and students from injuries and illnesses and to protect Pittsburg State University from unnecessary financial burden and reduced efficiency. Pittsburg State University will:

  • maintain safe and healthful working conditions;
  • furnish, within reason, the best available mechanical safeguards and personal protective equipment;
  • maintain an active and aggressive safety program, in which all members of the University community will participate;
  • maintain a continuous educational program in safe operating procedures; and
  • insist that all employees observe established safety regulations and practices and use the safety equipment provided.

    To carry out this policy, a Safety Committee for the University has been appointed. The function of the Committee is to review all matters of safety and recommend to the University administration necessary changes and corrections on the campus. All employees and students are encouraged to submit any safety suggestions to the Committee for review.

    Each Dean, Department Chairperson, Area Supervisor and Faculty member is charged with the responsibility for the safety, well-being and safe work conduct of all persons who report or are assigned to him/her. The safety of all employees and students is paramount. Every attempt must be made to reduce the causes of accidents.

    (Source: PSU Unclassified Handbook)