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Ambiguous Action Words
(updated 6/09/2005)

Ambiguous Action Words

The following is a short list of ambiguous, or imprecise, action words. While these words, if used in an appropriate context, may be used (such as "Endorses a check"), their use in duty statements should be avoided.


Accepts Interacts
Accompanies Interfaces
Accomplishes Is In Charge Of
Acts For/As Is Available
Aids Is Responsible For
Appears (before a group) Keeps Records
Ascertains Maintains
Assists Makes
Assumes Responsibility For May (perform, serve, etc.)
Attends Orients
Briefs Participates
Carries Out (instructions) Performs
Communicates Prepares
Conducts Processes
Cooperates Provides
Effects Receives
Endorses (an idea) Relates
Enforces Replies To
Engages In Responds To
Ensures Requests
Establishes Requires
Executes (an action) Secures
Facilitates See That
Follows (instructions) Serves As (in a functional role)
Follows-up Supervises
Functions As Supports
Furnishes Takes Necessary Action
Gives Talks
Handles Understands
Helps Uses
In Cooperation With Utilizes
Initiates Verifies