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Policies and Procedures
University Support Staff Employees
New Employee Orientation Checklist
(updated 09/12/2006)

How well were you oriented to Pittsburg State University? Were you...

  • taken to Human Resource Services, 204 Russ, on your first day at work to complete the I-9 form and other personnel/payroll paperwork?
  • introduced to your co-workers?
  • told about the operation of your department, the department1s standards, and how the department relates to the University as a whole?
  • shown where "everyday need" items are (rest room, coat room, bulletin board, eating facilities, etc.)
  • told about the importance of service to students?
  • informed about the security and/or confidentiality, including the "Right of Privacy Act" in your department?

Do you also know...

  • how to get into the building and/or work area after hours?
  • what time to start and stop work and when to take breaks, etc.?
  • how to complete a time sheet?
  • about safety policies and location of fire exists?
  • what to do if you are injured on the job?
  • smoking rules and use of the telephones?
  • when and who to call when you will be absent?

If you are hired in a regular, benefits-eligible position, has your supervisor...

  • shown you the position description for your position and given you a copy?
  • discussed your specific job duties and how they fit into the department1s and University's mission statements?
  • established priority outcomes with you for your performance review period and given you a copy of the review form?