Policies and Procedures
Classified Employees
Filling Classified Benefits-Eligible Positions
(updated 2/26/2014)


The following outlines the process for filling a classified benefits-eligible position. Supervisors should contact HRS for assistance as needed.

See also Managing Position Descriptions in GUS for more information.

1. Position Description

If the opening is for an existing position, the supervisor should first review the position description.  There should be a word file of the position description for each position in the GUS Position Inventory.  Open the word file, review the document and update if needed.  If changes were made, you will need to upload the updated position description to the GUS Position Inventory before completing the Search Request in the Electronic Appointment Process in GUS. 

Print a paper copy, route for signatures and send to HRS for processing.

If the opening is for a new position, the supervisor must complete a Classified Position Review Request Form and route for signatures.  Upload the position description, organization chart and any other documents to the GUS Position Inventory.  HRS must review and approve a classification for the position before the search process can continue. Supervisors are encouraged to involve HRS as soon as possible because approval of a classification can often take several weeks.

Click here for more information on writing position descriptions.

2. Search Request

Complete the Search Request in the Electronic Appointment Process in GUS.  Contact HRS for more information on the Electronic Appointment Process.

3. Search Process

HRS will schedule a meeting with the supervisor when the search process is ready to begin. The following will need to be determined:

Posting Period Dates: A beginning and ending date for the opening must first be determined. All benefits-eligible classified openings must be posted in SHaRP and must remain open for at least seven (7) calendar days.

Scope of the Search: A position may be posted four different ways.

1. Internally/Departmental: A position may be posted only within a department.
2. Internally/Agency: A position may be posted within Pittsburg State University.
3. Internally/Statewide: A position may be posted within agencies statewide.
4. Externally: A position may be posted outside of an agency to the general public.

Minimum Requirements: Each job classification has minimum requirements. The supervisor can, in accordance with the position description, add preferred skills.

Job Opportunities: HRS will post the job information on the PSU web page.

Newspaper Advertisement: The vacancy may be advertised in local newspapers if desired. The advertisement will have to be uploaded to the Search Request for approval before it is placed in the newspaper. It must contain the following statements:

Applications/resumes should be sent by (closing date) to (special email address set up for search i.e., adminspec@pittstate.edu). Additional position information may be found on the PSU Job Opportunity web site - http://www.pittstate.edu/office/hr/jobs.dot.

Applicants must have on file or register on-line your Personal Information on the Kansas State Employment Center website - https://admin.ks.gov/services/state-employment-center.  Be sure to include your applicant ID number with your cover letter.

Pittsburg State University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Veterans' Preference Eligible Employer.  Employment will require a criminal background check.

The State of Kansas is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization. The Topeka Capital-Journal, the Kansas City Star, the Lawrence Journal-World and the Wichita Eagle,among others, offer non-profit rates for classified ads which are considerably lower than the regular classified rates. In order to be given the non-profit rate, when placing the ad the department must provide the following information to the newspaper - The State of Kansas is "Sales Tax Exempt" and a "Non-profit Organization."

Eligible Candidates: HRS will send the applicants' resume/application to the supervisor.

4. Hiring Process:

It is recommended that the supervisor appoint a selection committee to assist with the hiring process.  The hiring supervisor(s) and/or selection committee will review the resumes/applications.  Applicants who meet minimum requirements based on information submitted will be ranked based upon the preferred skills and other requirements listed in the position description.  Interviews should be offered to applicants with the highest rankings.  Applicants who have verified Veterans' Preference and who meet the minimum requirements of the position must also be interviewed.  The supervisor(s) and/or selection committee should review the Interviewing Guide prior to conducting interviews.  Each individual who is interviewed must complete a Candidate Consent and Disclosure Form and Employment Summary.  The interviewee will place the completed Candidate Consent and Disclosure Form in an envelope and seal.

The supervisor can only select an individual from the group of applicants received in HRS!!! Hiring decisions should be reviewed with the appropriate Vice President. 

As soon as possible, the supervisor must:

  • Send all the sealed envelopes to HRS. 
  • Complete the Appointment Request in the Electronic Appointment Process in GUS with the candidate that has been selected.  The background check has to be completed prior to offering the candidate the job.  Processing of the background check will take 3 -5 business days.
  • The Classified Staff Recruitment Record will have to be completed and then attached to the Appointment.
  • The candidate's cover letter and resume/application and the State of Kansas Employment Summary will have to be attached to the Appointment.
  • After a satisfactory background check the supervisor will receive clearance from HRS to offer the job.
  • HRS will schedule a time to meet with the new employee on or before his or her first day at work to complete payroll and benefits paperwork.  Click here for the on-line employee orientation.
  • Notify, by telephone or mail, applicants who were not selected.  Within 30 calendar days of filling a position, applicants with verified Veterans' Preference who were not selected must be notified in writing, by certified mail or personal service, that they were not selected for the position.  Click here for an example of an appropriate letter to send to the applicants with verified Veterans' Preference.  Click here for an example of an appropriate letter to send to all other applicants. This letter should be modified for applicants that were interviewed but not selected.
  • Keep the applications and resumes of individuals not selected for the opening for a minimum of 3 years.