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Policies and Procedures
Employment of Relatives/Conflict of Interest
(updated 06/08/2014)

General Information

Persons may be appointed to university support staff or unclassified positions without regard to family relationship or to living arrangements with other members of faculty or staff. If a person is in a position which requires an evaluation or a personnel decision such as those concerning appointment, retention, promotion, discipline, tenure or salary of a family member or a member of such person's household, such condition shall be deemed a conflict of interest and that person shall not participate in such a decision, and that person shall not participate in any group or body which is considering any such decision.

This prohibition does not apply to supervising or managing relationships existing prior to July 1, 1991.

Family Member

"Family member" means:

  • spouse;
  • parent, including "step", "grand", or "great-grand" parent;
  • child, including "step", "foster", "grand", or "great-grand" child;
  • sibling, including "step" or "half" sibling;
  • uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece; or
  • parent, child or sibling related by marriage as denoted by the suffix of "in-law."

Household Member

"Household member" means a person having legal residence in, or living in, the employee's place of residence.