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Policies and Procedures
University Support Staff Employees
Call-back Pay
(Non-Exempt Employees)
(updated 10/24/2017)

General Information

University support staff employees in non-exempt positions (positions that are eligible for overtime compensation) and who are called in to work on a regular day off or called back to work after a regular work schedule shall be paid at the appropriate rate of pay for the hours worked.

Employees shall be paid for a minimum of 2 hours of call-back pay. The minimum of two hours shall not apply if the employee was on stand-by when called in or called back. The 2 hour minimum shall also not apply if the employee was called in or called back during the 2 hour period immediately prior to the beginning of his or her next regularly scheduled work shift.

Only hours actually worked shall be credited in determining eligibility for overtime compensation.

Reporting Call-back Hours for Time Worked

Please refer to the appropriate GUS HR Training Resource for entering Call Back Hours on Time Card.