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Policies and Procedures
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
and Related Conditions Policy

Discrimination against persons with AIDS, AIDS Related Complex (ARC), HTLV-III or a related condition is prohibited.

Employees with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of AIDS, ARC, HTLV-III or a related condition will be treated like any other employee with an illness; and

  • if able to work shall be allowed to work. Work reassignment consistent with the Federal Center for Disease Control guidelines may be appropriate.
  • if unable to work shall be treated in the same manner and with the same consideration as any other employee with a nonoccupational disability.

Any employee who is employed in an area which another person is a victim of AIDS, ARC, HTLV-III or a related condition will be expected to carry out their normal work duties. Failure to do so may be grounds for disciplinary action.

Employees with questions or concerns about AIDS or related conditions may contact the Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, (913) 862-9360(913) 862-9360, Ext. 300 or KANS-A-N 569-1300. For recorded information about testing in Kansas call 1-800-232-00401-800-232-0040.