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Payroll Information
Earnings Codes
Count Towards Leave Accrual (CTLA)
(updated 02/09/10)

This information will not be used after GUS HR go-live on June 18, 2017.

Please contact HRS staff ( or x. 4191) if you have questions or need assistance.

The amount of sick leave and vacation leave a non-exempt employee earns each pay period is based on total hours the employee is in pay status during that pay period. Hours that count towards leave accrual are included in determining the amount of sick and vacation leave a non-exempt employee earns each pay period. The following is an alphabetical listing of earnings codes for hours that count towards leave accrual. Click on the earnings code link for more information on the earnings code.

CBP - Call-back Regular Pay

CBN - Call-back Minimum Hours

CBO - Call-back Overtime Pay

CBC - Call-back Comp Time

CMT - Compensatory Time Taken

DDY/DDE - Discretionary Day

DIS/DSE - Disaster Service Volunteer Leave

DON/DNE - Donor Leave

FNL/FNE - Funeral Leave

FSH/FHE - FMLA Shared Leave

FSL/FSE - FMLA Sick Leave

FVL/FVE - FMLA Vacation Leave

HCT/HCE - Holiday Comp Time Taken

HDC/HDE - Holiday Credit

INJ/INE - Job Injury Leave

IWN/IWE - Inclement Weather Pay for Non-Essential Employees

JRY/JRE - Jury Duty Leave

MIL/MIE - Military Leave

REG - Regular Pay for University Support Staff & Unclassified Employees

SCK/SCE - Sick Leave

SHL/SHE - Shared Leave

SP1 - Regular Pay for Students Paid Hourly Rate

VAC/VAE - Vacation Leave