Payroll Information
Classified Employee Compensation Plan
(updated 10/3/12)

Overview of the Pay Plan (revised 6/5/2008)

State of Kansas Department of Personnel Services New Pay Plan Information Link

State of Kansas Performance Review System

Informational Meeting Presentation (Powerpoint)

Revised Implementation Plan (1/14/2010)


FY 2013

Market Adjustments

FY 2011

Market Adjustments

Market Adjustment Details

New Class Specifications for Group 1

Proposed New Classes for Group 1

Delay of Group 1 Classes to New Play Plan

FY 2010

Market Adjustments

FY 2009

Market Adjustments

Classified Pay Plan - Hourly (Non-Exempt) effective June 15, 2008

Classified Pay Plan - Biweekly (Exempt) effective June 15, 2008