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Payroll Information
Classified Employee Compensation Plan
FY 2009 Market Adjustments

The Division of Personnel Services has released the list of classifications that will be receiving market adjustments in FY 2009:

List of FY 09 Market Adjustments

All employees in classifications receiving market adjustments for FY2009 will receive an increase of at least 5%, in addition to the General Increase provided to all classified employees.  In some circumstances, employees moving to a higher level classification may see an increase of greater than 5% but in no case will such employees be eligible for multiple adjustments. 

In order to accommodate the within grade movement of incumbents in classifications to which employees in lower-level classifications are being moved, the Classified Pay Matrix for FY2009 will have two additional steps (steps 17 and 18) to insure that employees in this circumstance receive a 5% increase.  During FY2009, these new steps will be reserved exclusively for this purpose, so employees will not be allowed to move to those steps unless accomplished through an Executive Directive. 

HRS will prepare information to send to each employee showing him or her their new pay rate with the market adjustment. We will send the information as soon as possible.