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Vacation Leave -- Unclassified Employees
(updated 06/08/2014)

This information will not be used after GUS HR go-live on June 18, 2017.
Please contact HRS staff ( or x. 4191) if you have questions or need assistance.

General Information

Unclassified employees appointed to full-time 12-month positions or to full-time less than 12-month non-instructional positions shall earn annual leave.  Annual leave shall be earned for the first and second bi-weekly pay periods during the first 11 months of the fiscal year.  Annual leave earned shall not exceed 176 hours per fiscal year.  Employees appointed after the beginning of the fiscal year shall earn annual leave during the 12th month (June) as long as they do not exceed the 176 hour maximum.

Unclassified employees appointed to less than full-time 12-month positions and unclassified employees appointed to less than full-time, less than 12-month non-instructional positions shall earn annual on a pro-rated basis as set forth in the tables below.

Unclassified employees may accumulate a maximum of 304 hours of annual leave.  The maximum shall be applied each pay period.

An unclassified employee may receive, upon termination from employment or upon moving from a position that is not eligible to earn annual leave, payment for no more than 176 hours of annual leave.  At retirement or at termination of employment when retirement eligible, an employee may receive payment for up to 240 hours of annual leave.

Vacation Leave Accruals

Non-Exempt Unclassified Employee

Hours in Pay Status Per Pay Period Hours Earned Per Pay Period
0-9 0.0
10-19 1.0
20-29 2.0
30-39 3.0
40-49 4.0
50-59 5.0
60-69 6.0
70-79 7.0
80-** 8.0

**See also Earnings Codes that Count Towards Leave Accrual (CTLA)

Exempt Unclassified Employee

Appointment FTE Hours Earned Per Pay Period
.75 - 1.00 8.0
.5 - .749 6.0
.25 - .499 4.0
Less than .25 2.0


Reporting Vacation Leave

Unclassified employees follow the same procedures for reporting vacation leave as university support staff employees. Click on this link for information on reporting vacation leave for non-exempt and exempt employees.

Click here for more information on reporting time worked and leave taken.