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Tuition Assistance Programs
Dependent Tuition Waiver Program

(Updated 4/17/18)

The purpose of the Dependent Tuition Waiver Program is to provide an opportunity for Dependent children of Eligible Employees to receive a partial or full tuition waiver at PSU while seeking an undergraduate degree. 



Deadlines for submitting applications to HRS are:


Due Dates
Summer 2018 (Both Sessions) May 28, 2018
Fall 2018 August 13, 2018
Spring 2019 January 7, 2019



  1. "Dependent” is an unmarried, natural child, adopted child, stepchild or legal ward of an Eligible Employee and is 24 years of age or younger as determined on the first day of classes for each semester enrolled; and must be claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes based on IRS guidelines in the preceding tax year.  No tuition assistance will be provided to any Dependent after the Dependent reaches 25 years of age. 

  2. “Eligible Employee” is an employee appointed to a benefits-eligible position at PSU.  A Dependent is eligible for the Tuition Waiver Program after the Eligible Employee has one (1) full year of service in a benefits-eligible position as determined on the first day of classes in the fall semester for the academic year enrolled.  For purposes of this program, one (1) full year of service is twelve (12) continuous months or one (1) academic year contract for faculty.  Length of service will be calculated by HRS based on time in benefits-eligible positions at PSU and adjusted for leaves without pay and breaks in service.

  3. Waivers are determined based on the Eligible Employee’s Length of Service as follows:

    PSU Length of Service

    Maximum Percentage of Tuition Waiver
    (see Other Criteria, #11, below)

    1 year


    2 years


    3 years


    4 years


    5 years


  4. An employee’s death does not preclude eligibility. Employee eligibility and percentage of tuition waiver is determined as of the date of the employee’s death.  The deceased employee’s eligible dependent must meet all other eligibility requirements.

Waiver Maximum:            

  1. A maximum of eight (8) semesters of full-time or part-time undergraduate enrollment will be eligible for the tuition waiver for a Dependent child.  Each semester the Dependent participates in the program will count as one (1) semester regardless of the number of hours enrolled during that semester.

Other criteria:                   

  1. Space available only.

  2. To qualify for the waiver, the Dependent must meet the eligibility requirements above.  The Eligible Employee and Dependent must apply for participation in the waiver program each semester.  The employee must provide proof of relationship with the initial application for the waiver program.

  3. A PSU GPA attained prior to the first semester the Dependent enrolls in the waiver program will not be considered.  The Dependent must receive a 2.5 undergraduate GPA in each semester he/she participates in the waiver program to maintain eligibility for future participation.

  4. If a Dependent does not receive the above mentioned GPA, he/she is ineligible for the waiver program until he/she attains the requisite GPA in a future semester (without the waiver).

  5. If a Dependent receives an Incomplete for a class or classes in a semester while participating in the waiver program, he/she is ineligible for the waiver for a future semester until he/she is assigned a grade for the class(es).  The Dependent must receive a grade for the Incomplete by the last day of the subsequent semester, and must have the requisite 2.5 GPA, in order to receive a waiver for the subsequent semester.  

  6. A Dependent who receives a tuition waiver will be responsible for payment of any and all fees, including campus privilege fee, instructional equipment fee, library fee, and other mandatory fees.

  7. The Dependent must meet PSU admission requirements and the admission requirements of the college or program to which he/she is applying.

  8. The Dependent must be accepted for admission prior to granting tuition waiver.

  9. The Dependent must be degree-seeking at PSU.

  10. In the event the employee ceases to be an Eligible Employee at PSU, or a Dependent ceases to be a Dependent as defined above, while a semester is in session, the tuition waiver for the Dependent will continue only for that semester.  No further waivers will be granted. An employee’s death does not preclude eligibility.

  11. The amount of tuition waived will be offset by institutional awards awarded to the Dependent, regardless of the date the award is granted.  Institutional awards awarded to the Dependent will be applied consistent with University policy.  The following are institutional awards:  Academic Achievement Scholarship, Valedictorian Scholarship, Diversity Awards, Honors College, and University Scholarship Committee Awards.  The Dependent is encouraged to apply for any type of financial assistance for which he/she qualifies. Click here to view the Tuition Waiver Offset examples.

  12. Tuition waiver may be subject to taxation to the Eligible Employee as earned or other income by the IRS.  Employees are encouraged to seek tax advice from a qualified professional.

  13. PSU reserves the right to deny tuition waiver if the Dependent acts in a manner that undermines the spirit of this program.  Appeals must be forwarded to HRS within 10 days of the denial.

  14. The tuition waiver program may be modified, adjusted or eliminated as approved by the Kansas Board of Regents.                                                

Application Form available under “Forms On-Line