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Group Health Insurance & Optional Group Life Insurance
Summer Deduction Options
for 9, 10 & 11 Month Employees

(Updated 01/25/2017)

General Information

Nine-month faculty are paid 20 biweekly paychecks for academic year appointments. The first paycheck for academic year 2016-17 was issued September 9, 2016. The last paycheck for academic year 2016-17 will be issued June 2, 2017

Unclassified and University Support Staff employees on 10 or 11 month appointments are paid 22 or 24 biweekly paychecks respectively.

Even though an employee may not receive a paycheck on some pay dates, the employee will still need to pay for Group Health Insurance (GHI) and Optional Group Life insurance (OGL) coverage during those pay periods.

This summer an employee may need to pay for 5 pay dates for Group Health Insurance.  The last paycheck for the 2016-2017 Academic Year is paid on June 2, 2017, and the first paycheck for the 2017-2018 Academic Year will be paid on September 8, 2017. The pay dates that are affected are: 06/16/17, 07/14/2017, 07/28/17, 08/11/17, and 08/25/17.  Note: since it is the third pay date in the month, no premiums are withheld on the 06/30/17 pay date. 

There are 3 pay dates that an employee may need to pay for Optional Group Life Insurance.  The pay dates are: 06/16/17, 07/28/17 and 08/25/2017.

With the move to the new GUS HR system, we have made changes to the way these double deductions will be withheld this year.

All deductions will be withheld this spring for the 5 pay dates that require coverage needed for the summer.  There will not be options for having regular deductions during the summer sessions as in the past.

Please see the Pay Schedule to see what dates the double deductions will be withheld:

Please contact HRS if you anticipate any of the following events which may cause a change in health care coverage level and optional group life insurance coverage between now and September, 2017:

  • Dependent turning 26 (must drop from coverage).
  • Spouse gaining employment and health coverage (may drop from coverage).
  • Spouse losing employment and health coverage (may add to coverage).
  • Birth or adoption of child (may add to coverage).
  • Marriage of employee (may add spouse to coverage).
  • Divorce of employee (must drop spouse from coverage).
  • Resignation or retirement from PSU.

We realize that unexpected events will happen.  It is to the employee's advantage to notify HRS if an event may require a change in health coverage level.  Processing refunds for over-payments is very complex and may take several weeks to complete. 

For additional information about the GUS HR deductions and other information about the implementation project see:

Please contact HRS if you have any questions.