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Shared Leave
Faculty/KNEA Shared Leave Program
(Updated 10/24/2017)

General Information

Under the Faculty/KNEA Shared Leave Program, eligible faculty in the KNEA unit can donate a portion of his/her accumulated sick leave to a faculty sick leave pool. Sick leave accumulated in this pool will be available for use by faculty who have exhausted his/her own personal sick leave.

Sick leave with pay may be granted only for the necessary absence from duty because of the personal illness or disability or legal quarantine of the faculty member; or the personal illness or disability of a member of the faculty member’s family when the illness or disability reasonably requires the employee to be absent from work. Personal illness or disability will be defined to include pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, childbirth and the recovery there from. The use of sick leave for recovery from childbirth shall be limited to 240 hours for a normal delivery and 320 hours for a Caesarean delivery.

The faculty member’s family shall include persons related to the faculty member by blood, marriage or adoption, domestic partners, and minors residing in the faculty member’s residence as a result of court proceedings pursuant to the Kansas Code for Care of Children or the Kansas Juvenile Offenders Code.

Requesting Shared Leave

To request shared leave, complete a KNEA Shared Leave Request Form. The patient must give a Health Care Provider Statement to their health care provider for completion.  Return all completed forms to HRS.

The request is reviewed by the Shared Leave Review Committee. This committee consists of the KNEA President, Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and the Human Resource Services Representative.

Faculty are not eligible to receive sick leave from the faculty sick leave pool until:

  • he/she has exhausted his/her own personal sick leave,
  • he/she has donated at least eight (8) hours of sick leave to the faculty sick leave pool during the current year.

A faculty member who is unable to donate to the pool because his/her sick leave has yet to reach a total of eight (8) hours will be granted pool use.

When an employee is approved for shared leave, the maximum duration of shared leave shall be six (6) months.  When the share leave is granted due to the illness or injury of a family member, the maximum duration of the shared leave shall be six (6) months from the date the employee began using shared leave.

Donating Shared Leave

To donate leave, KNEA unit members must complete a Faculty/KNEA Shared Leave Donation Form and send to HRS.

KNEA unit members may donate a maximum of 80 hours sick leave to the faculty sick leave pool per academic year. Donations to the faculty sick leave pool are voluntary and irrevocable.

University support staff and unclassified employees eligible for the State of Kansas Shared Leave Program may not donate leave to, or receive donations of leave from, unclassified employees in the KNEA Shared Leave Program.

Other Shared Leave Provisions

  • Shared Leave will be paid at the receiving faculty member's rate of pay.
  • Shared Leave may be applied retroactively for a maximum of two (2) pay periods.
  • Shared leave ends when the employee is no longer prevented from performing regular work duties, the employe retires or the employee can no longer show evidence that the family member's illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition keeps the employee from performing regular work duties.  The employee shall be determined to no longer be prevented from performing regular work duties when the physician states the employee is able to work or when the employee has returned to work for 20 continuous working days.
  • If a faculty member receives worker's compensation, long-term disability payments, or both, the employee is not eligible to receive shared leave.
  • While using shared leave, the employee will continue to accrue leave at the regular rate which must be deducted each pay period before shared leave is used.
  • Receiving shared leave will not change family status for KanElect.  However, if an employee is placed on leave without pay status, all applicable regulations and benefits guidelines will apply.
  • If more than one faculty member requests sick leave from the pool at a given time, such sick leave shall be apportioned on an equitable basis to requesting faculty members until the pool is exhausted or until the requesting employee(s) no longer qualify for sick leave.
  • Donated sick leave must be allocated to the general sick leave pool and not to a specific school, department, or individual faculty member.
  • If a faculty member exhausts his or her sick leave and the faculty sick leave pool becomes exhausted of donated sick leave, he or she may request that the President seek from the Board of Regents a leave without pay for that faculty member.

Reporting Shared Leave

Please refer to the appropriate GUS HR Training Resources  document for instructions on how to report this type of absence.  Note: Shared Leave is an available time type for reporting.