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Employee Benefits
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Longevity Bonus Payment
(Classified Employees Only)
(updated 6/10/2012)

Classified employees hired or rehired prior to June 15, 2008, are eligible for longevity bonus pay of $40.00 for each year of state service starting with 10 years of service with the State of Kansas. A maximum of $1000 is paid for 25 years or more of service. Classified employees hired or rehired on or after June 15, 2008, will not be eligible to receive a longevity bonus.

Eligibility for the longevity bonus payment is based on the employee's length of service date. This date is determined and adjusted according to K.A.R. 1-2-46. The bonus payment is paid on the paycheck date for the pay period in which the employee's length of service date falls.

The employee must also be in pay status in a classified position on their length of service date to receive the payment. An employee who is on leave without pay for any reason on this date is not eligible for the longevity bonus payment. A classified employee who has been appointed to an unclassified position on an acting basis is also not eligible for the payment.