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Job Injury Leave
(updated 10/24/2017)

General Information

An employee who sustains a "qualifying job injury" shall be eligible for job injury leave. A "qualifying job injury" means an injury which:

  1. renders the employee unable to perform his or her regular job duties, and
  2. arose out and in the course of employment with the state, and
  3. was sustained as a result of a shooting, stabbing or aggravated battery, as defined in K.S.A. 21-3414, by another against the employee; or
  4. was sustained while in fresh pursuit of a person or while operating under the provisions of K.S.A. 8-1506 (law enforcement officers only.)

A "qualifying job injury" does not include injuries sustained as a result of the intentional actions of a co-worker.

While an employee is on approved job injury leave, he or she will continue to receive their regular pay from the University. If the employee is awarded worker's compensation, PSU shall pay the employee an amount which, together with the worker's compensation pay, equals the employee's regular salary.

An employee may be approved for job injury leave for up to six months following the qualifying job injury.

    Requesting Job Injury Leave

    Employees requesting job injury leave should notify their supervisor immediately and complete a Leave Request Form.

    Reporting Job Injury Leave

    Please refer to the appropriate GUS HR Training Resources document for instructions on how to report this type of absence