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Employee Benefits
Benefits for Active Employees
Unclassified Employees
(updated 06/08/2014)

This information will not be used after GUS HR go-live on June 18, 2017.
Please contact HRS staff ( or x. 4191) if you have questions or need assistance.

Except when classes are in session, unclassified employees (12 month administrators and 9 month faculty) appointed to benefits-eligible positions will receive holiday credit if they are in pay status the working day before and the working day after the holiday. An employee is "in pay status" if he or she is paid for time worked or for paid leave (i.e. sick or vacation leave).

Unclassified employees are required to work on a holiday when classes are in session (e.g. Veteran's Day).

If an Unclassified Employee does not work on a holiday in which classes are in session, that employee must report appropriate leave (i. e., sick leave or vacation leave) and will not receive holiday credit.

Exempt unclassified employees who accrue annual leave shall receive equivalent time off at a later date when required by their supervisor to work on a holiday. Non-exempt unclassified employees who work on a holiday at the request of their supervisor may receive compensatory time at the rate of 1.5 hours credit for every 1.0 hours worked.

9 month faculty are not eligible for a discretionary holiday.

Reporting Holiday Credit and Holiday Compensation

Unclassified employees follow the same procedures for reporting holiday credit and holiday compensation as university support staff employees. Click on this link for information on reporting holiday credit and holiday compensation for non-exempt and exempt employees and to view reporting examples.

Click here for more information on reporting time worked and leave taken