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2014 State of Kansas Flexible Spending Account
Introducing NueSynergy, the New 2014 SEHP FSA Administrator

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Save 25% on Medical Expenses

Joe likes saving money, and you can too.



While clipping grocery coupons from the Sunday paper, Joe suddenly thought about his Flexible Spending Account another way. “An FSA is like having a 25% coupon for health-care expenses!” Joe exclaimed as he set down his scissors.   Clipping coupons is how Joe saved enough to buy his most prized possession—a 1961 Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser.  By paying for his eligible medical, dental and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars, he is saving money. It’s like having a 25% coupon for regular expenses he’s incurring anyway.

Since Joe selected the FSA debit card option at enrollment, he will have access to all his plan year FSA funds on January 1. He won’t have to submit manual claims – or clip coupons.

Why, with these savings, Joe might just take his new FSA friend’s suggestion that he received  last Friday 9/13/13  and at the end of the year buy 250 Kansas lottery tickets!  He has the chance to win more money plus that helps support Kansas Tourism! Double winner!

Don’t forget there are still Learn and Win Opportunities coming up!

See if you could save 25% or more.  Visit to use the FSA Calculator to see your potential savings by enrolling in an FSA.


Meet Joe Smart
Joe is saving money, and you can too.




Joe enjoys working out, eats tofu and has an impressive antique tea cup collection. He rarely gets sick, but he sees his doctor regularly for checkups, takes a monthly prescription to manage his blood pressure, and gets a cool pair of prescription sunglasses each year for the annual Cow-A-Bunga surf championship.


Joe Smart is saving money by enrolling in a Flexible Spending Account, and you can too.

Like Joe, nearly everyone can benefit from an FSA, which allows you to set aside up to $2,500 on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses, and up to $5,000 on dependent care expenses. You set the amount and then it’s automatically withdrawn from your paycheck, in equal amounts each pay period, and reimbursed when a qualified expense is incurred and claimed.


Win $250 by helping Joe!

Joe needs your most creative, interesting (and legal) ideas for how to spend the money he’ll save in 2014 with his FSA. Hurry! Contest ends September 13, 2013.


Enter to win, and learn what’s new for 2014.

Go to the new FSA Conversion website: and look for Joe!  The website features many other resources that you will find useful regarding FSAs and the transition from ASI Flex to NueSynergy.


NueSynergy Contact information:
Customer Service: 855-750-9440
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fax: 855-890-7238


NOTE: State Employee Health Plan Members should understand that accepting a FSA incentive is on a volunteer basis and is completely up to the individual member. Members who choose to accept an incentive are advised that the value of any promotional giveaway received, including monies and items are taxable by the IRS.  For State employees, the taxes on the incentive will be deducted from their paycheck.