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Deferred Compensation Plan
(updated 12/28/17)

General Information (Tandem 457 Plan)

Deferred compensation is a voluntary plan for retirement savings. The plan allows employees to defer receiving part of their current salary until retirement.  Starting January 2015, Tandem is administered by Great-West Financial.


All state university support staff employees, unclassified employees, and student employees, regardless of appointment type or hours.

Plan Contributions

There is a minimum deferral of $300 per year. The maximum annual amount that may be tax-deferred in a calendar year is limited by the Internal Revenue Code.

An employee may participate in both the Deferred Compensation plan and the Voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity plan at the same time. They do not offset each other.

The university does not contribute to this plan.

Employee Enrollment (Tandem 457 Plan)