The Student Health center will see patients with appointments or on a walk-in basis.  Scheduled appointments will take preference over walk-in visits.  Patients with severe or emergency issues will be taken to exam rooms ahead of other visits.  We do require scheduled appointments for services such as, physical examinations, surgical procedures, Pap Smears and/or Gynecological exams and specialty clinics.  Appointments may be made by calling, 620-235-4452.

Although the Health Center allows students currently enrolled unlimited free office visits for, general illness/injury throughout the semester, there will be additional charges each visit for prescriptions, laboratory tests, school-related physicals, immunizations, and special procedures. Payment for service is due at the time of the visit.  Health Services accepts cash, checks, credit cards and banana bucks.  If the patient has the state-approved student insurance plan, United Healthcare Student Resources, we will bill accordingly. The Health Service does not file private insurance claims, but will provide a detailed receipt for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Some students may have medical conditions that require a referral to other healthcare providers or specialists for consultation and/or treatment. All expenses related to the medical services of referred providers are the responsibility of the student. In addition, students may at any time choose to use other medical providers at their own expense.