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KCOB faculty earn research award

January 22, 2015

Research conducted by Kelce College of Business faculty has been singled out for its contribution to the field of economic study. The paper "Growth and Volatility of Micropolitan Statistical Areas in the U.S.," written by KCOB faculty Bienvenido (Dean) Cortes, Michael Davidsson and Michael McKinnis, recently earned an Outstanding Research Award at the Global Conference on Business and Finance in Las Vegas. The paper was also accepted as a journal submission in the International Journal of Business and Finance Research. view more

Grant funds solar energy system for PSU’s Plaster Center

August 1, 2014

Thanks to a major grant from Westar Energy, solar panels will provide both energy and education at the Robert W. Plaster Center, now under construction at Pittsburg State University. Westar announced Thursday that PSU was one of 15 Kansas entities selected for its Solar Photovoltaic Project, done in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. view more

Student design earns top advertising honor

June 12, 2014

It started with local awards. Then came regional honors. And now Matt Heflin has received the highest honor awarded in the 2014 American Advertising Awards (AAA). Heflin, a Pittsburg State graphic design major who graduated in May, recently received a Gold Award for his design of Brew Chew, a product he describes as “an after-beverage gum.” He said the product is meant to help combat "bad breath after drinking." view more

PSU launches major new polymer chemistry initiative

June 11, 2014

“With polymers, you can make this table,” Petar Dvornic said, slapping the hard surface for emphasis. “You can make the window. You can make the walls. Polymers taken away from our daily lives would be a catastrophe. Buildings would fall. There would be no cars or airplanes, no clothing, no computers, no food industry, no quality drinking water, no today’s medicine, no nothing as we know it. view more

STEM education focus of tech workshop

June 11, 2014

A hands-on workshop at the Kansas Technology Center this week helped K-12 educators learn how to implement STEM concepts into their classrooms. The two-day STEM Activities for Educators workshop was taught by Mike Neden, associate professor of Technology and Workforce Learning. view more

NIH grant benefits PSU student research

June 4, 2014

Pittsburg State students will benefit from a five-year, $19 million NIH grant to the KU Medical Center, PSU officials said this week. The grant, from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health, will continue a Kansas cell and developmental biology research program that has brought $64 million into the state since it was first funded in 2001. view more

Company uses student research in learning system development

May 22, 2014

Psychology students at Pittsburg State University need opportunities to use their applied research skills. At the same time, Pitsco Education relies on solid research to guide the development and improvement of its STEM learning systems. The resulting partnership benefits both. Recently, PSU students have been or are involved in multiple research projects for the company, according to Jamie Wood, professor in the Psychology and Counseling Department. view more

Female students prove engineering not just 'man's world'

May 5, 2014

For a young Jennifer Bradley, watching the popular TV show MacGyver wasn’t quite enough. “I needed to understand MacGyver,” she said. “I couldn’t just sit there and enjoy the show. It was more than that. I was obsessed with MacGyver. I wanted to be MacGyver.” view more

Research inspires student

May 2, 2014

Scientific research can be hard and tedious. Samantha Young, a graduate student in biology at Pittsburg State University, knows how maddeningly frustrating field research can be. It’s often dirty work and the results frequently raise more questions than they answer. These are just some of the reasons she loves it. view more

Researcher, subject meet for the first time

April 19, 2012

For the past 15 years, Dr. Virginia Rider has known the subject only as “B.H.” As she worked in her lab to help unlock some of the mysteries of Lupus, Rider soon came to prize the blood samples she received from “B.H.” for her research. Rider, a professor in the PSU Department of Biology and a passionate researcher, finally met “B.H.” this week when Brenda Hedrick, of Newton, Kan., her mother, Carol Swint, and a brother, Kevin Swint, arrived on campus with a donation to help support Rider’s research.  View more


New director begins at KPRC

January 30, 2012 

Dr. Andy Myers, executive director of the Business and Technology Institute at Pittsburg State University, has announced the appointment of Dr. Jin Song as the research director for the Kansas Polymer Research Center. Song began his new role in January. Song holds a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Korea University in Seoul, Korea, and a Ph.D. in polymer engineering from the University of Akron. “We are extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Song to PSU,” Myers said. “He brings with him a wealth of experience both in research and commercialization of polymers and bio-polymers. Dr. Song will provide excellent leadership for our strong scientific team.

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Business professor examines sports fraud

January 19, 2012 

Dr. David O’Bryan, a professor in the Department of Accounting and Computer Information Systems at PSU, co-wrote the article “One-Way Ticket to Jail: When Major League Money Meets Little League Controls,” published in the January/February 2012 edition of Fraud Magazine, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).  The ACFE is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization, and Fraud Magazine is distributed to all of its nearly 60,000 members in 125 countries around the world. The study examined the ticket scandal that came to light last year at the University of Kansas.

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Research: Keys to helping ‘at-risk’ children succeed

January 09, 2012 9:11AM

Educators have known for a long time that a strong predictor of a young child’s early development is a combination of economic and social factors that put children “at risk.” The good news, according to research conducted by graduate students in Pittsburg State University’s Department of Psychology and Counseling, is that given the proper support, so called “at-risk” students perform as well as their peers.View more

New foundation supports PSU research

November 18, 2011

Although Pittsburg State University may not be the first to come to mind when one thinks of research institutions in Kansas, the fact is that Pittsburg State is home to dynamic faculty-led research, as well as the Kansas Polymer Research Center. University officials believe the creation of a new foundation will help PSU strengthen its already impressive research credentials. View more

Professor uncovers manuscript for philosopher's book

November 02, 2011

A philosophy professor and member of the faculty in the Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at Pittsburg State University, Viney not only discovered, but ultimately edited an unpublished book by prominent American philosopher Charles Hartshorne.

It was a labor of love, Viney said, because Hartshorne was not only a major figure in his academic research, but also a mentor who helped shape his career. The road that led to the discovery of the manuscript began in the summer of 2001 with a call to Viney from Hartshorne's daughter, Emily Schwartz.

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Construction professors achieve home inspection certification, plan for new course

August 26, 2011 

A grant awarded to the Department of Construction Management and Construction Engineering Technologies is not only bolstering the residential construction program at Pittsburg State University, but also better preparing the professors who teach it.  This summer, CMCET professors Justin Honey, Shannon Nicklaus, and Seth O'Brien completed a home inspection certification program through the National Association of Home Builders. View more

Panel examines PSU's undergraduate science research program

April 14, 2011

Four research scientists from the American Association for the Advancement of Science will take a critical look at undergraduate science research at Pittsburg State University on Thursday, April 14, 2011. View more

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