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For questions regarding the program, please contact:

Name: Dr. MeLisa Rogers
Phone: 620-235-4074

HRD Student

The Department of Technology and Workforce Learning offers courses leading to the Master of Science degree with a Major in Human Resource Development. Designed for the working individual, this program is now available fully online. The program is offered with an emphasis in management and consulting. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in human resources, education, business, or a related area.

This online program offers six hours each semester to support the part-time student which will allow the student to complete the program in two years.

 The curriculum is planned to provide graduate-level preparation for individuals involved in

    • employee training
    • education and development
    • performance improvement
    • organizational development

HRD 596 Introduction to Human Resource Development is a required prerequisite for admission to the program for someone without a similar class and/or HRD work experience and must be completed prior to or within the first semester of enrollment.

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Program Outline

This online program is designed for off-campus students and can be completed in two years. More time will be required to complete the degree if fewer than 6 hours are taken in any semester or if Option III is selected.

Prerequisite Course
  HRD 596 Intro to HRD

Core Courses
  HRD 850 Grad Study in HRD
  HRD 853 Workforce Development
  HRD 852 Organization Development
  HRD 899 Planning & Implementing HRD Programs

Emphasis Courses
  HRD 706 Personal Development
  HRD 879 Professional Presentations
  HRD 745 Designing HRD Interventions
  HRD 804 Leadership Techniques

Total Credit Hours: 34-37 (Depending on Option)

Option I: Thesis

HRD 891 Methods of Research
TTED 887 Data Analysis
HRD 890 Thesis

Option II: Special Problem or Internship

HRD 891 Methods of Research
HRD 805 Special Problem (Research) or
HRD 883 Internship
HRD XXX Electives (6 Hours)

Option III: Course Work

HRD 891 Methods of Research
HRD XXX Electives (9 Hours)
Research Elective (3 Hours)