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Name: Dr. Alice Sagehorn
Phone: 620-235-4499

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MS in Reading Online

The Department of Teaching and Leadership offers a Master of Science degree with a major in Reading. Within the program, students will select from two different emphasis areas:

  • Reading Specialist Emphasis - designed for teachers seeking the Reading Specialist Licensure.
  • Classroom Reading Emphasis - designed for the teacher who wishes to be a better classroom reading teacher but does not wish to seek licensure.

This degree program is for individuals who already hold a teaching license. The convenient online format of the Reading Program allows teachers to continue to hold full time positions, while furthering their education. Contact the program director for more details.

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Proposed Course Sequence

NOTE: Course schedule is subject to change.

FALL 2012
READ 845 Approaches to Teaching Writing
SPED 738 Char. of Students with Adaptive Learning Needs

READ 834 Advanced Children's & Young Adult Lit.
TCHL 891 Methods of Research

READ 869 Literary Topics and Trends
READ 720 Content Lit. for Middle & Secondary Teachers

FALL 2013
READ 870 Developmental Reading
READ 871 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties

READ 872 Methods/Mat. in Remedial Reading
READ 873 Practicum in Reading

TCHL 854 Adv Methods/Materials for ELL
READ 848 Advanced Language Arts

FALL 2014
READ 874 Apprenticeship

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