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Technology Integration Specialist Advisor:
Name: Dr. Liz Mascher
Phone: 620-235-4312

Library Media Advisor:
Name: Dr. Michelle Hudiburg
Phone: 620-235-4507

The Master of Science with a major in Educational Technology is an online degree designed to prepare students to work with technology in educational settings. Two curricular emphases are offered within the degree:

  • Technology Integration Specialist - prepares candidates to lead in the design, development and management of instructional materials through the use of educational technologies
  • Library Media - prepares candidates to lead in the design, development, and direction of library media centers in elementary, middle and/or secondary schools

Candidates must provide evidence that they have a valid teaching license to be accepted into the Educational Technology Program. However, a valid Professional teaching license must be held to add the library media endorsement. Recommendation for licensure as a school library media specialist is an expected end result of the Library Media emphasis. The online format of the degree offers flexibility and convenience for individuals who want to further their education while still holding full time jobs. Students may begin the program during any semester. 

Program Outline

Program Core
  EDTH 731 Digital Portfolio
  EDTH 733 Professional Development
  EDTH 734 Infrastructure Networking
  EDTH 735 Information Retrieval and Transfer
  EDTH 805 Design and Prod. of Instructional Materials
  EDTH 825 Administration of Instructional Systems
  TCHL 834 Curriculum Development
  EDTH 838 Educational Technology Curriculum
  EDTH 868 Educational Technology Applications
  EDTH 819 Practicum in Educational Technology

Research Options
Option I (Thesis Program)
  TCHL 891 Methods of Research
  EDTH 890 Research and Thesis

Research Options Cont'd
Option II (Non-thesis Program)

  TCHL 891 Methods of Research

Emphasis Areas
Technology Integration Specialist
  EDTH 817 Technology Integration Specialist
  EDTH 818 Trends and Issues in Ed Tech
  EDTH 732 Topics in Educational Technology

School Library Media Licensure
  EDTH 737 Cataloging and Classification
  EDUC 834 Advanced Children's and Adolescent Lit.
  Electives by Advisement (3 hours)

Total Hours for Degree: 36

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