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Name: Dr. Jonathan Dresner
Phone: 620-235-4315

MA in History Online

The Department of History offers an online Master of Arts degree with a major in History. The decision to pursue this degree reflects an interest in and an appreciation for the historical past and serves a four-fold purpose: to prepare well-qualified history educators; to demonstrate alternative modes of historical expressions such as simulations and living history; to provide students with research and investigative skills applicable to academic and professional situations; and to encourage the thoughtful and continuing study of history throughout the lifetime of the individual.

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Program Outline

Students may take a variety of different graduate history courses based on their specific area of interest, which should be discussed with an adviser. General guidelines for available options are listed below.

Option I: Thesis

This option requires, in addition to regular coursework,
enrollment in HIST 890 Research and Thesis. The
history program strongly recommends a thesis to any
student  planning to go on for a PhD degree as
preparation for  researching and writing a dissertation.

Required Hours: 30
Option III: Seminar

This option requires enrollment in and passing two
graduate seminars in history. This option involves several
different tracks to the final degree. Students should
consult with their adviser about which track is right for

Required Hours: 32