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Name: Dr. Alice Sagehorn
Phone: 620-235-4499

ESOL Endorsement

The Masters of Science degree in Teaching with an emphasis in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an online graduate program to license teachers to work with K-12 students whose first language is not English.  The primary goal of the ESOL endorsement is to prepare competent, committed, caring professionals to teach and serve the needs of the English Language Learner, their families, the schools and the community.  For those not seeking a graduate degree, an option for ESOL endorsement is available to teachers with Kansas Licensure.  Certification students must complete the 18 hours listed below of the ESOL Emphasis/Endorsement.  This program is completely online and offers classes in the fall, spring and summer in a flexible format to meet the needs of a busy schedule.

Program Outline

Core Courses (15 hours)
TCHL 843 Trends and Issues
TCHL 850 Current Teaching Practices
TCHL 870 Developmental Reading
READ 720 Content Literacy for Middle/Secondary Teachers

Select one course by advisement:
PSYCH 810 Advanced Educational Psychology
PSYCH 759 Advanced Developmental Psychology
TCHL 836 Positive Classroom Management

TCHL 891 Methods of Research

Options: Thesis or Coursework Option
Option I - Thesis
Core Courses - 15 hours
ESOL Emphasis - 18 hours
TCHL 890 Thesis - 3 hours

Total: 36 hours

Option III - Coursework
Core Courses - 15 hours
ESOL Emphasis - 18 hours

Total: 33 hours

ESOL emphasis courses (18 hours):

ENGL  714     Applied Linguistics for English for Speakers of Other Languages
TCHL   851    Multicultural Approaches to Diversity in the Classroom
TCHL   852    Advanced Culture and Language Acquisition for English
TCHL   853    Advanced Assessment and the English Language Learner
TCHL   854    Advanced Methods and Instructional Materials for ELL– 3 hours
TCHL   855*  Advanced Practicum with English Language Learners – 3 hours

*TCHL 851, 852, 853, 854, and ENGL 714 are prequisites or corequisites.


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