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For questions regarding the program, please contact any of the following Workforce Development faculty

Dr. Mark Johnson
Phone: 620-235-4628

Krissy Lewis
Phone: 620-235-4179

Dr. MeLisa Rogers
Phone: 620-235-4371

Dr. Judy Smetana
Phone: 620-235-4704

Workforce Development Online

The BS in Workforce Development is an online bachelor's degree completion program designed for busy working adults seeking a flexible and convenient way to finish their degree. Students who have completed an associate's degree can complete this 60-hour degree program to earn their Bachelor of Science degree. Some of the specific benefits of this online coursework include:
    •    The ability to complete coursework in the evening after work
    •    Online collaboration with students all over the country
    •    More control of the learning process
    •    No commute - save time and money

With all courses online you are able to keep a full-time job, and manage your career, family, and work around your schedule. Ideally, students will take two to three courses (six to nine hours) each semester. By taking nine hours each semester, students can complete the program in two and a half years.

The BS in Workforce Development program has two emphasis areas to choose from:

  • Supervision & Leadership
    For those seeking mid-level management positions in all industry areas
  • Human Resource
    For those interested in the human resource development field

To be eligible for the program, students must have completed a 64-hour or more associates degree of science or art and meet the 25-hour general education requirement.

Program Outline

The 60-hour course work (21 classes) is composed of 14 core courses that include six foundation, three business, and five workforce development courses. Each student also selects an emphasis area of seven courses. All courses are sequenced so a student will complete one emphasis course and one or two core courses. Click on the links below for the proposed course sequence for the BS in Workforce Development.

Supervision and Leadership

Human Resource

Foundation Courses
 TM 350 Societal Influence of Tech.
 TM 555 Diversity in Tech. Management        
 PSYCH 575 Industrial and Org. Psychology
 SOC 360 Community Sociology
 JUST 223 Basic Interviewing
 COMM 629 Theories of Communication                        
Business Related Courses
 MATH 143 Business Statistics
 MGMKT 330 Basic Marketing
 MGMKT 444 Legal & Social Env. of Bus.

Workforce Development Courses

 EST 393 Intro. to Industrial Safety
 TM 390 Trade and Job Analysis
 TM 399 Tech. Management Professional Dev.
 TM 520 Leadership in the Workplace
 TM 699 Senior Assessment in Tech. Mgmnt.

Emphasis area courses (shown on the right)

Total Credit Hours from PSU: 60

Choose one of the following two emphasis areas:

Emphasis 1: Supervision & Leadership

 MFGET 405 Quality Control
 MGMKT 327 Org. Theory & Behavior
 EST 630 Safety Management
 TTED 606 Industrial Supervision 
 TM 500 Industrial Org. & Tech. Management  
 TM 501 Work Measurement & Efficiency
 TM 503 Facility Maint. & Management

Emphasis 2: Human Resource

 HRD 575 Instructional Media in HRD
 HRD 596 Intro. to Human Resource Dev.
 TM 653 Workforce Preparation
 TM 679 Presentation Skills  
 HRD 597 Organizational Staffing
 HRD 598 Talent Management 
 HRD 630 Employee and Labor Relations