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Education Service Centers

Pittsburg State University offers graduate course credit for workshops at the following centers:

2015 Fall Schedule

Click the link below to see what other classes are offered at PSU this fall:

    Class Schedule


For enrollment questions, please contact

Name: B.B. Stotts
Phone: 620-235-4181

2016 Educator Workshops

Continuing Education Workshops at Pittsburg State University are open to anyone who has completed a bachelor's degree. PSU's Continuing Education programs are designed for educators who seek additional graduate credit to meet re-certification requirements, increase knowledge in a particular subject area or enhance their earning power.

DateLocationCourse Number   TitleCredit hours
01/22 - 01/23 Garden City, KS TTED 741*81 Sem: 2016 Ag Teacher Symposium 1 *
01/21 Greenbush Designing the Gold Standard Project .5
01/27 Eudora, KS SAMR Training .5
01/28 Greenbush SAMR Training .5
02/01 - 03/01 Online What Google Can Do For You? 2
02/03 Online Basic Google Drive 2
02/03 Greenbush Google Drive Basics .5
02/16 Greenbush Teaching with APPitude .5
02/17 Greenbush Task Card Creation .5
03/01 - 03/31 Online Google Forms and Add Ons 2
03/02 Greenbush Google Drive Basics .5
03/09 Greenbush Google Drive Advanced .5
03/23 Greenbush Task Card Creation .5
03/24 Greenbush Turn your fluency centers into iPad tv stations! .5
03/25 Greenbush Teaching with APPitude .5
03/30 Greenbush iPad Basics .5
04/01 - 05/01 Online Teaching in a 1:1 Environment 2
04/06 Greenbush Basic Computer Skills .5
05/11 Greenbush Google Classroom .5
06/01 - 06/30 Online Global Communication (Beyond 4 Walls) 2

*Enrollment Form for TTED 741-81 Sem: 2016 Ag Teacher Symposium

*Syllabus for TTED 741-81 Sem: 2016 Ag Teacher Symposium

Click here for more information regarding Greenbush Workshops.

How To Apply Online
Students who have not been admitted to the Pittsburg State University Graduate School must complete an application form at
  1. Under the Apply section, submit a Graduate Student application.
  2. Select NEW APPLICATION. For Major/Emphasis/Degree select NON DEGREE SEEKING.
  3. Complete the application and click submit. Do not forget to list your e-mail address on the application.
After you submit the form, you will receive an e-mail that will give you access to the PSU GUS system. Follow the instructions for logging into GUS and selecting a GUS PIN. Within GUS, after the semester is complete, you will be able to view your account, receive your grade and to request a transcript.
The next step is to submit a document to the PSU Graduate School that reflects your earned undergraduate degree. You may submit a copy of your teaching license, an unofficial transcript from the institution where you received your undergraduate degree, or go to your state’s official web site and print the list of teachers and the license they have earned. Your application and enrollment cannot be completed until this document has been received. This document can be faxed or mailed to:
Pittsburg State University
Attn: Graduate and Continuing Studies
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Fax (620) 235-4219
You will receive a letter that states you are conditionally admitted; to be fully admitted you must submit an official transcript. Once you are admitted to PSU, you must contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies enroll for graduate credit.
Application Form
If you are unable to apply through our online information, we have a printable version of the application form that you can fill out and bring to the workshop that you are attending. The file can be found here.