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Company Research

Do your research before applying for jobs and interviewing!  Here are some helpful pointers:

1) Research the company's mission statement is reflective of a place where you would like to work.  Make sure you understand their mission and purpose.

2) Read the "About Us" section of their website too. It is important to have some solid background information on the company you plan to interview with.

3) If you know anyone that works for the company, ask them about the company.  Don't be afraid to use people you know for an "in!"

4) Research the company's entire website and compose a list of questions you may have concerning the job description and company.  In an interview, questions help the employer to know that you are interested not only in the job, but the company as a whole as well.



Reference USA is an excellent source for researching companies across the United States.  Job seekers can locate businesses they want to work for, look at company size, and locate information on their websites.  Click on the link above to check it out!

Research Before the Interview