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Student Login

Alumni/Community Member Login

To LOGIN to Gorillas4Hire, click on the appropriate link above and follow the instructions.

Gorillas4Hire User Guide


What is Gorillas4Hire?

  • Gorillas4Hire is a password protected program that enables PSU students, staff, alumni and others who have obtained permission to search and apply for jobs. Employers can also sign up to post jobs, view resumes, and much more.
  • On and off-campus part-time jobs are listed, as are local full-time positions. There are also many jobs listed through a consortium that show available positions across the Midwest.

Student Use of Gorillas4Hire

  • Follow the instructions by clicking on the Gorillas4Hire Student Login link above. This page offers information on how undergraduate and graduate students can login or get registered. It's that easy!
  • If you require assistance or have questions, just call us at 620-235-4140 and we'll walk you through it!

Alumni and Community Member Use of Gorillas4Hire

To access Gorillas4Hire, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Gorillas4Hire Alumni/Community Member login link above and follow the instructions located on the page.
  2. Either pay in the office by cash, check, or credit card, or call 620-235-4140 and pay the appropriate fee by credit card over the phone.

Alumni One-Year Membership - $50.00

Community Member One-Year Membership - $60.00

Employer Use of Gorillas4Hire