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Any student organization may have an on-campus student organizational account free of charge at PSU.  This is similar to a checking account in nature but the checkbook is held by PSU.  Student organizations are NOT allowed to use PSU's Federal tax identification number (EIN) or exemption status under any circumstances.  Inquiries are made by PSU to the area banks to ensure any existing off-campus bank accounts are not using PSU's name or Federal tax identification number.    PSU strongly recommends that all student organizations use an on- campus account to process all revenues and expenses.  These accounts allow for transparency of operations, secure handling of funds and records, and hassle free solutions for the changing of officers each academic year.  All student organizations using off-campus bank accounts are responsible for following all applicable State and Federal laws including those relating to sales tax.


To apply for a student organizational account the organization's faculty advisor must make a written request to the Asst. Controller for Business Services (Misty Button, 110 Russ Hall, giving the organization's name, purpose, and faculty advisor's name and PSU ID No.

Once the account has been created an electronic notification will be issued informing the faculty advisor by email of the account name and number.  Keep this for future reference as this account number is necessary for the expending and depositing of funds.


To expend funds from the account:

  • A DPR (payment request) needs to be filled out with all pertinent information including who is to be paid, why, and how much.  
  • The faculty advisor's signature must be on the request authorizing the payment to be made.
  • To make a payment to the faculty advisor from an organization's account a student officer must also authorize the payment by signing the request form and noting their position within the organization.
  • Please note on the request if we are to mail the check or if it is to be picked up.  If the check is to be picked up a phone contact needs to be written on the payment request.
  • Supporting documentation is recommended, such as an invoice or receipt, but it is at the discretion of the faculty advisor and Asst. Controller if documentation is mandatory.  If a receipt is not provided to the Business Office when reimbursing an individual the payment will be marked as 1099 reportable for tax purposes.
  • No payments will be allowed out of a student organization account to a nonresident alien due to the complicated nature of tax withholding and reporting.  This does not include reimbursement of organization expenses with original receipts.
  • A completed W-9 is required to set any individual or company up as a vendor.  New vendors take approximately 3 days to be set up and approved.  (This is in addition to the processing time for checks.)
  • Checks take approximately 2 days to process so please allow time for the completion of this process.  In case of emergencies contact the Asst. Controller for Business Services @ Ext. 4150 or .
  • Student organizations are NOT exempt from paying sales tax on purchases.  All payment requests will be reviewed and if necessary adjusted for the applicable sales tax.  If a request is being made to reimburse an individual from a student organizational account and sales tax was not paid at the time of the original purchase, the Business Office will calculate the tax owed and remit the tax to the State of Kansas.


To deposit funds to your account:

  • A deposit form with the money to be deposited needs to be taken to the Cashiers for Student Accounts Office in Horace Mann.  Your organizational account number needs to be on the form.
  • Any applicable sales tax will be calculated when completing your deposit and the University will file this with the Kansas Department of Revenue for the organization.  Sales Tax will be applicable for most sales to consumers.  This may also include fundraising activities.  For more sales tax information contact the Asst. Controller of Cashiers and Student Accounts at ext. 4153 or
  • An electronic notification will be emailed to the faculty advisor for the receipted funds.


Various reports and information links are available through GUS to help maintain this account including the following:

  • Monthly unit reports showing:
    • A cumulative total of deposits and expenditures
    • Detail of transactions for a specific month
    • Outstanding orders as of month end  (payment requests which have not been processed yet)
  • Various inquiry screens to view vouchers, journal entries, etc.
  • The GL.LOOK link allows you to see the current balance and monthly transaction detail for reviewing current transactions being processed.


The organization's faculty advisor has access to this information through the GUS system once the account is set-up.  Please contact them for any information pertinent to your account. 


NOTE TO FACULTY ADVISORS - The Business Office will provide any advisor information on how to access this information on GUS.  To set up an appt call Ext. 4150.




Any student organization who has applied and been awarded allocations from SGA must go through the following to actually receive allocations:

  1. Allocations are paid on a reimbursement basis only.  Receipts for the qualifying expenses must be turned into SGA attached to the appropriate form giving the organization's name, the organization's on-campus account number or valid tax id no., an explanation of the activity performed, and the total value of the receipts attached.  This should be turned into the SGA office as soon as possible in accordance with announced SGA deadlines.  The student organization MUST keep a copy of the form and qualifying receipts for their records.
  1. Once SGA has reviewed the documentation including receipts they will issue a payment request to the Business Office.  This request will include the organization's name, on-campus account no. or tax id no., and the amount of allocations approved to be paid.  If the organization has a valid tax id no. a check will be issued and returned by Topeka for the organization to pick-up in the Business Office.  If the organization has an on-campus account it will be automatically deposited into their account once the money has been received from Topeka.  The organization's faculty advisor will be notified by electronic notification of this deposit.
  1. All organizations with an on-campus account may then turn in a request signed by their faculty advisor with receipts to the Business Office to reimburse the individual(s) who initially paid the expenses.  Account balances will be checked to verify there are funds available prior to making these reimbursements. 
  1. No allocations will be paid out to a student organization without an on-campus account unless the organization can submit IRS documentation showing their organization's name and assigned Federal tax identification number.  Student organizations using the tax identification number of a parent organization must submit the IRS documentation with a letter from the parent organization giving permission for the use of their tax identification number by the student chapter.