Registration fees paid for admittance, attendance, or participation in seminars, conferences, or other meetings are reimbursable. The official receipt should be submitted with the travel claim form for reimbursement subject to the following:

  1. Registration fees paid to obtain personal membership or other personal benefits from an organization are not reimbursable. Memberships in organizations must be in the name of PSU.
  2. Registration fees may be paid by the employee and claimed for reimbursement on the employee's travel claim form or paid directly to the organization by PSU. The "travel claim form" should designate: (1) the name of the person attending; (2) the date(s) and place of the event; and (3) the total number of each type of meal included in the registration fee (i.e. number of breakfasts, lunches, or dinners). If no meals are included, the "travel claim form" should state No meals included in the registration fee.
  3. In cases where the cost of meals is included in the cost of registration fees or other fees paid by PSU, the meal allowance amount must be reduced.

Registration fees may be paid directly to the organization. This is done through the normal accounts payable process or may be charged on the PSU Business Procurement Card. The same requirements listed above are still applicable.